16-821. County committee; vacancy in office of precinct committeeman

A. At the primary election the members of a political party entitled to representation pursuant to section 16-804 residing in each precinct shall choose one of their number as a county precinct committeeman, and the members shall choose one additional precinct committeeman for each one hundred twenty-five voters or major fraction thereof registered in the party in the precinct as reported pursuant to section 16-168, subsection G on January 2 of the year in which the general election is held. The whole number of precinct committeemen of a political party shall constitute the county committee of the party.

B. The board of supervisors upon the recommendation of the county chairman, or the recommendation of a committee designated in the bylaws of the county committee for that purpose, shall determine when a vacancy exists in the office of precinct committeeman. If a vacancy exists, the vacancy shall be filled by the board of supervisors from a list of names submitted by the county chairman of the appropriate political party. Only a precinct committeeman elected at the primary election prior to the date of a state or county committee organizing meeting shall be permitted to vote at such meeting. The criteria used to establish when a vacancy exists in the office of precinct committeeman shall be as established in section 38-291.