16-608. Delivery of ballots; electronic voting system

A. After the close of the polls and after compliance with section 16-602 the members of the election board shall prepare a report in duplicate of the number of voters who have voted, as indicated on the poll list, and place this report in the ballot box or metal container, in which the voted ballots have been placed, which thereupon shall be sealed with a numbered seal and delivered promptly by two members of the election board of different political parties to the central counting place or other receiving station designated by the board of supervisors or officer in charge of elections, which shall not be more than fifty miles from the polling place from which the ballots are delivered. The person in charge of receiving ballots shall give a numbered receipt acknowledging receipt of such ballots to the person in charge who delivers such ballots.

B. The chairman of the county committee of each political party represented on the ballot may designate a member of his party to accompany the ballots from each polling place to the central counting place. Such party representative shall serve without compensation.