16-580. Manner of voting; assistance for certain electors

A. Except as prescribed by subsection E of this section, only one person per voting booth shall be permitted at any one time to sign for the receipt of a ballot and to wait for an opportunity to vote.

B. On receiving a ballot the voter shall promptly and without leaving the voting area retire alone, except as provided in subsection E of this section, to one of the voting booths that is not occupied, prepare the ballot in secret and vote in the manner and substantial form as required by the instruction to voters.

C. The voter shall deposit the ballot in the ballot box, or if the voter so requests, hand the ballot to the election board official and permit the election board official to deposit the ballot in the ballot box.

D. After the ballot is deposited, the voter shall then proceed outside the voting area and shall not again enter the voting area unless the voter is an authorized election official or an official observer or is assisting another voter.

E. Any registered voter, at the voter's option, may be accompanied by a minor who is permitted in the voting booth pursuant to section 16-515, subsection E, be accompanied and assisted by a person of the voter's own choice or be assisted by two election officials, one from each major political party, during any process relating to voting or during the actual process of voting on a paper ballot, machine or electronic voting system. A person who is a candidate for an office in that election other than the office of precinct committeeman is not eligible to assist any voter.