16-135. Change of residence from one address to another

A. An elector who is correcting the residence address shown on the elector's voter registration record shall reregister with the new residence address or correct the voter registration record as prescribed by this section.

B. An elector who moves from the address at which the elector is registered to another address within the same county and who fails to notify the county recorder of the change of address before the date of an election shall be allowed to correct the voter registration records at the appropriate polling place for the voter's new address.  The voter shall present a form of identification that includes the voter's given name and surname and the voter's complete residence address that is located within the precinct for the voter's new residence address.  The voter shall affirm in writing the new residence address and shall be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.

C. When an elector completes voting a provisional ballot, the election official shall place the ballot in an envelope for provisional ballots and shall deposit the envelope in the ballot box designated for provisional ballots.

D. Within ten calendar days after a general election that includes an election for a federal office and within five business days after any other election, a provisional ballot shall be compared to the signature roster for the precinct in which the voter was listed and if the voter's signature does not appear on the signature roster for that election and if there is no record of that voter having voted early for that election, the provisional ballot shall be processed.  If the signature roster or early ballot information indicates that the person did vote in that election, the provisional ballot for that person shall remain unopened and shall not be counted.

E. An elector may also correct the residence address on the elector's voter registration record by requesting the address change on a written request for an early ballot that is submitted pursuant to section 16-542 and that contains all of the following:

1. A request to change the voter registration record.

2. The elector's new residence address.

3. An affirmation that the information is true and correct.

4. The elector's signature.