15-1627. Control of vehicles and nonpedestrian devices on university property; sanctions; compliance with emissions inspection; definition

A. Each university may adopt rules for the control of vehicles and nonpedestrian devices on its property with respect to the following only: maximum speed of vehicles and nonpedestrian devices, direction of travel, authorized hours of travel, required stops in traffic, place of parking, method of parking, time of parking, nonparking areas, restricted areas, prohibition of parking in vehicle emissions control areas as defined in section 49-541 of those vehicles which fail to comply with section 49-542 and designation of special parking areas for students, faculty, staff and the general public. Each university may prescribe and collect reasonable fees for specially designated parking areas. Each university shall cause signs and notices to be posted upon the property for the regulation of vehicles and nonpedestrian devices.

B. The rules adopted by each university pursuant to subsection A of this section shall be enforced administratively by each university. As to students, faculty and staff, these procedures may, but need not, involve both student and faculty adjudicating bodies, as long as all procedures give the individual notice and an opportunity to be heard concerning the alleged infractions and any sanction to be imposed upon him. Administrative and disciplinary sanctions may be imposed upon students, faculty and staff for a violation of the rules including, but not limited to: a reasonable monetary penalty, impoundment, regular institutional discipline, withdrawal or suspension of campus parking privileges, encumbrances of records or grades, or both, and oral or written reprimand. Habitual or flagrant disregard of rules shall be a ground for suspension or expulsion from the university for a student and may be taken into consideration as to faculty and staff in regard to amount of salary and continuation of employment.

C. Members of the general public who park their vehicles in an unauthorized manner upon the property of a university shall be warned concerning their unauthorized parking and, if they continue, or if such persons habitually park in such an unauthorized manner, the vehicles so parked may be impounded by the institution and a reasonable fee exacted for the cost of impoundment and storage.

D. Members of the general public who violate a rule adopted by the university pursuant to subsection A of this section regarding the use of nonpedestrian devices shall be warned of a violation and any nonpedestrian devices may be impounded by the university and a reasonable fee may be exacted for the cost of impoundment and storage.

E. Any person who has received a final administrative ruling concerning a sanction imposed upon him as a result of a violation of a rule pursuant to subsection A of this section shall have the right to have that ruling reviewed by the superior court in the county in which the institution involved is situated, in accordance with the provisions of the administrative review act, title 12, chapter 7, article 6.

F. This section shall be considered supplemental in nature to the general common law and statutory powers of institutions under control of the board as to the internal control and activities of their students, faculty and staff.

G. An institution under the jurisdiction of the board of regents and which is located in a vehicle emissions control area as defined in section 49-541 shall prohibit the issuance of annual permits to park on property under its jurisdiction until the applicant submits an affidavit or shows proof that his vehicle meets the requirements of section 49-542.

H. For the purposes of this section, "nonpedestrian devices" includes bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, skateboards, roller skates and equines.