15-1472. Community college district workforce development accounts; reports

A. Each community college district shall establish a separate workforce development account to receive only tax revenues authorized pursuant to section 42-5029, subsection E, paragraph 3 and section 42-5029.02, subsection A, paragraph 3. Each community college district board shall approve the expenditure of these monies in accordance with section 15-1461 and consistent with subsection B of this section.

B. Monies received pursuant to subsection A of this section shall be expended for workforce development and job training purposes. These expenditures may include:

1. Partnerships with businesses and educational institutions.

2. Additional faculty for improved and expanded classroom instruction and course offerings.

3. Technology, equipment and technology infrastructure for advanced teaching and learning in classrooms or laboratories.

4. Student services such as assessment, advisement and counseling for new and expanded job opportunities.

5. The purchase, lease or lease-purchase of real property, for new construction, remodeling or repair of buildings or facilities on real property.

C. The state treasurer shall transfer monies under this section into each district's workforce development account by the fifteenth day of each month. The state treasurer shall also allocate and distribute any pooled interest earnings earned from revenues authorized in section 42-5029, subsection E, paragraph 3 and section 42-5029.02, subsection A, paragraph 3 to each district in accordance with the method prescribed in subsection D, paragraph 2 of this section.

D. Revenues authorized for community college districts in section 42-5029, subsection E, paragraph 3 and section 42-5029.02, subsection A, paragraph 3 shall be distributed by the state in the following manner:

1. For thirteen fiscal years beginning in fiscal year 2001-2002 the state treasurer shall allocate one million dollars per fiscal year for the purpose of bringing this state into compliance with the matching capital requirements prescribed in section 15-1463. The state treasurer shall distribute the monies authorized in this subsection to each district in the order in which each campus qualified for funding pursuant to section 15-1463.

2. After the monies have been paid each year to the eligible districts pursuant to paragraph 1 of this subsection, the state treasurer shall distribute monies from the workforce development fund to each community college district in the following manner:

(a) Each district shall receive the sum of two hundred thousand dollars.  This subdivision does not apply to a community college tuition financing district established pursuant to section 15-1409.

(b) After each district has received the payments prescribed in subdivision (a) of this paragraph, the remainder of monies in the fund shall be distributed to each district according to each district's full-time equivalent student enrollment percentage of the total statewide audited full-time equivalent student enrollment in the preceding fiscal year prescribed in section 15-1466.01.  The percentage distribution under this subdivision shall be adjusted annually on October 1 of each year.

E. Revenues received by community college districts shall not be used by the legislature to supplant or reduce any state aid authorized in this chapter or supplant any proceeds from the sale of bonds authorized in this article and article 5 of this chapter.

F.  Monies received under this section shall not be considered to be local revenues for purposes of article IX, section 21, Constitution of Arizona.

G. Each community college district or community college that is owned, operated or chartered by a qualifying Indian tribe on its own Indian reservation shall submit a report once every two years of its workforce development plan activities and the expenditures authorized in this section to the governor, president of the senate, speaker of the house of representatives, joint legislative budget committee and Arizona commerce authority by December 1 of every even-numbered year.  The report shall include the purpose and goals for which the workforce development monies were expended by each district or community college together with a general accounting of the expenditures authorized in subsection B of this section. A copy of the final report shall also be provided to the secretary of state. For the purposes of this subsection, "qualifying Indian tribe" has the same meaning prescribed in section 42-5031.01.