15-302. Powers and duties

A. The county school superintendent shall:

1. Distribute all laws, reports, circulars, instructions and forms that the county school superintendent may receive for the use of school officers.

2. Record all official acts.

3. Appoint governing board members of school districts to fill all vacancies, but the term of the appointment shall be until the next regular election for governing board members, at which time a successor shall be elected to serve the unexpired portion of the term.  Within thirty days after notification of a vacancy, the school district governing board may submit up to three names to the county school superintendent for consideration of an appointment to fill the vacancy. The county school superintendent is not required to appoint a governing board member from the list of names submitted by the governing board.  The county school superintendent, if the county school superintendent deems it in the best interest of the community, may call a special election to fill the vacancies. If an election is called, the newly elected member shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired portion of the term.

4. Make reports, when directed by the superintendent of public instruction, showing matters relating to schools in the county as may be required on the forms furnished by the superintendent of public instruction.

5. Have such powers and perform such duties as otherwise prescribed by law.

6. On or before October 1 of each year, report to the superintendent of public instruction the amount of monies received from state school funds, special school district taxes and other sources, the total expenditures for school purposes and the balance on hand to the credit of each school district at the close of the school year.

7. Contract with the board of supervisors for the board of supervisors to conduct all regular school district elections.

8. Be responsible, in cooperation with the school district governing boards and the board of supervisors, for all special school district elections.

9. Maintain teacher and administrator certification records of effective dates and expiration dates of teachers' and administrators' certificates in compliance with guidelines prescribed in the uniform system of financial records for those school districts for which the county school superintendent is the fiscal agent. The county school superintendent shall not draw a warrant in payment of a teacher's, substitute teacher's or administrator's salary unless the teacher, substitute teacher or administrator is legally certified during the fiscal year in which the term for payment is demanded.

10. Notify a school district three years before the expiration of a revenue control limit override that the school district's budget must be adjusted in the final two years of the override pursuant to section 15-481, subsections P and Q, if the voters do not approve another override.

11. In collaboration with the department of education and other state agencies, provide assistance to school districts, charter schools, county free library districts, municipal libraries, nonprofit and public libraries, tribal libraries, private schools and tribal schools on the use of student data, staff development, curriculum alignment and technology to improve student performance.

12. Assist schools in meeting yearly adequate progress goals as defined by criteria established by the state board of education and implemented by the department of education.

B. At the request of school districts and charter schools, the county school superintendent may provide discretionary programs in addition to the programs prescribed in subsection A of this section.

C. The county school superintendent may provide the services prescribed in subsections A and B of this section in the county or jointly with two or more counties pursuant to title 11, chapter 7, article 3.

D. Each county school superintendent may establish an advisory committee to the office of the county school superintendent.