15-244. Office of Indian education; definition

A. The office of Indian education is established in the department of education.  The superintendent of public instruction shall hire appropriate personnel for the office.

B. The office of Indian education shall:

1. In collaboration with Indian nations, provide technical assistance to schools and Indian nations to meet the educational needs of Native American pupils.

2. Provide technical assistance to schools and Indian nations in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of curricula that are culturally relevant and aligned to state standards.

3. Provide technical assistance to schools and Indian nations to develop culturally appropriate curricula and instructional materials.

4. Establish an Indian education advisory council in the department of education that shall include at least parents who are not certificated teachers.

5. Encourage and foster parental involvement in the education of Native American pupils.

C. At least once each year, representatives from all Indian nations, members of the state board, the governor's office, the governor's office on tribal relations, the intertribal council of Arizona, the legislature, the superintendent of public instruction and the Indian education advisory council shall meet to assist in evaluating, consolidating and coordinating all activities relating to the education of Native American pupils.

D. Based on data submitted pursuant to subsection E of this section, the office of Indian education, in collaboration with entities that serve Native American pupils, shall submit an annual statewide Native American education status report to all Indian nations in this state.  The division shall provide a copy of this report to the secretary of state.

E. A school district with tribal lands located within its boundaries shall provide a district-wide Native American education status report to all Indian nations represented within the school district boundaries and to the department of education.

F. The status reports prescribed in subsections D and E of this section shall be written in a brief format and shall include the following information, through which public school performance is measured and reported to the Indian nations:

1. Student achievement as measured by a statewide test approved by the state board, with results disaggregated by ethnicity.

2. School safety.

3. The dropout rate.

4. Attendance.

5. Parent and community involvement.

6. Educational programs that target Native American pupils.

7. Financial reports.

8. The current status of federal Indian education policies and procedures.

9. School district initiatives to decrease the number of student dropouts and increase attendance.

10. Public school use of variable school calendars.

11. School district consultations with parent advisory committees.

G. The state board of education, in consultation with the Indian nations in this state, may adopt rules to implement this section.

H. For the purposes of this section, "Indian nations" means an Indian nation, tribe or pueblo located in this state.