14-5411. Bond; exception

A. Except as otherwise provided in subsection B of this section, the court shall require a conservator to furnish a bond conditioned on faithful discharge of all duties according to law, with sureties as it shall specify. Unless otherwise directed, the bond shall be in the amount of the aggregate capital value of the property of the estate in the conservator's control plus one year's estimated income minus the value of securities deposited under arrangements requiring an order of the court for their removal and the value of any land that the fiduciary, by express limitation of power, lacks power to sell or convey without court authorization. For good cause shown the court may reduce or eliminate the bond to the extent of regular fixed expenses paid for the benefit of the protected person. The court in lieu of sureties on a bond may accept other security for the performance of the bond, including a pledge of securities or a mortgage of land.

B. A bond is not required of a conservator that is a national banking association, a holder of a banking permit under the laws of this state, a savings and loan association authorized to conduct trust business in this state, a title insurance company qualified to do business under the laws of this state, a trust company holding a certificate to engage in trust business from the deputy director of the financial institutions division of the department of insurance and financial institutions or the public fiduciary.