14-3705. Duty of personal representative; information to heirs and devisees

Not later than thirty days after appointment every personal representative, except any special administrator, shall give information of the appointment to the heirs and devisees, including, if there has been no formal testacy proceeding and if the personal representative was appointed on the assumption that the decedent died intestate, the devisees in any will mentioned in the application for appointment of a personal representative. The information shall be delivered or sent by first class mail to each of the heirs and devisees whose address is reasonably available to the personal representative. If appointment is made in a formal proceeding, information under this section need not be given to persons given notice of the formal proceeding. The duty does not extend to require information to persons who have been adjudicated in a prior formal testacy proceeding to have no interest in the estate. The information shall include the name and address of the personal representative, indicate that it is being sent to persons who have or may have some interest in the estate being administered, indicate whether a bond has been filed and describe the court where papers relating to the estate are on file. The personal representative's failure to give this information is a breach of the personal representative's duty to the persons concerned but does not affect the validity of the appointment or the personal representative's powers or other duties. A personal representative may inform other persons of the appointment by delivery or first class mail. The personal representative shall comply with the provisions of title 43, chapter 13.