13-4411. Notice of post-conviction review and appellate proceedings

A. Within fifteen days after sentencing the prosecutor's office shall, on request, notify the victim of the sentence imposed on the defendant.

B. The prosecutor's office shall provide the victim with a form that allows the victim to request post-conviction notice of all post-conviction review and appellate proceedings, all post-conviction release proceedings, all probation modification proceedings that impact the victim, all probation revocation or termination proceedings, any decisions that arise out of these proceedings, all releases and all escapes.

C. The prosecutor's office shall advise the victim on how the completed request form may be filed with the appropriate agencies and departments.

D. On request of the victim, the prosecutor's office that is responsible for handling any post-conviction or appellate proceedings immediately shall notify the victim of the proceedings and any decisions that arise out of the proceedings.

E. Beginning December 1, 2007, the supreme court or court of appeals shall send a victim who requests notice pursuant to this section a copy of the memorandum decision or opinion from the issuing court concurrently with the parties.  If the victim is represented by counsel, the notice shall be provided to the victim's counsel.