13-3870. Executive agreements

A. If this state wishes to obtain custody of a person charged in this state with a criminal offense and the person was convicted or is imprisoned or held under criminal proceedings then pending against him in another state, the governor of this state and the executive authority of the other state may agree on the extradition of the person before the criminal proceedings against the person have terminated or the person's sentence has been served in the other state.

B. Any executive agreement entered into pursuant to subsection A of this section shall be conditioned on the return of the person to the other state at this state's expense as soon as the prosecution in this state is terminated, unless the person is sentenced to death under the laws of this state.

C. On demand of the executive authority of another state the governor may surrender a person in this state who was returned to this state pursuant to section 13-3863 and who has been charged with a criminal offense in the demanding state. The person may be surrendered even if the person left the demanding state involuntarily.