13-2312. Illegal control of an enterprise; illegally conducting an enterprise; classification

A. A person commits illegal control of an enterprise if such person, through racketeering or its proceeds, acquires or maintains, by investment or otherwise, control of any enterprise.

B. A person commits illegally conducting an enterprise if such person is employed by or associated with any enterprise and conducts such enterprise's affairs through racketeering or participates directly or indirectly in the conduct of any enterprise that the person knows is being conducted through racketeering.

C. A person violates this section if the person hires, engages or uses a minor for any conduct preparatory to or in completion of any offense in this section.

D. A knowing violation of subsection A or B is a class 3 felony.  A knowing violation of subsection C is a class 2 felony and the person is not eligible for probation, pardon, suspension of sentence or release on any basis until the person has served the sentence imposed by the court or the sentence is commuted.