13-1505. Possession of burglary tools; master key; manipulation key; classification

A. A person commits possession of burglary tools by:

1. Possessing any explosive, tool, instrument or other article adapted or commonly used for committing any form of burglary as defined in sections 13-1506, 13-1507 and 13-1508 and intending to use or permit the use of such an item in the commission of a burglary.

2. Buying, selling, transferring, possessing or using a motor vehicle manipulation key or master key.

B. Subsection A, paragraph 2 of this section does not apply to a person who either:

1. Uses a master key in the course of the person's lawful business or occupation, including licensed vehicle dealers and manufacturers, key manufacturers who are engaged in the business of designing, making, altering, duplicating or repairing locks or keys, locksmiths, loan institutions that finance vehicles and law enforcement.

2. Transfers, possesses or uses no more than one manipulation key, unless the manipulation key is transferred, possessed or used with the intent to commit any theft or felony.

C. Possession of burglary tools is a class 6 felony.