12-212. Powers; compensation

A. The court commissioner may:

1. In the absence or inability to act of the judge appointing him, hear and determine ex parte motions for orders and writs, except orders for injunctions.

2. Take proof and report his conclusions upon any matter of fact, other than an issue of fact raised by the pleadings, on which information is required by the court. Either party may object to the report within five days after receiving written notice that it has been filed.

3. Take and approve bonds and undertakings in actions or proceedings in the court and examine the sureties thereon.

4. Administer oaths and take affidavits and depositions in any action or proceeding whatever.

5. Take acknowledgments and proof of deeds and other instruments requiring proof or acknowledgment under the laws of the state.

6. Charge and collect the same fees for performance of official acts as notaries public for like services.

7. Adopt an official seal upon which is engraved the words "court commissioner,...... (insert name of county) county, Arizona" and authenticate official acts with his seal.

8. Enter judgments pursuant to section 23-737.01.

B. When the court commissioner performs services in place of the judge of the superior court he shall be paid such amount as the court determines to be reasonable, considering the services performed. The state and county shall each pay one-half of the amount.