11-1013. Establishment of county pounds; impounding and disposing of dogs and cats; reclaiming impounded dogs and cats; pound fees

A. The board of supervisors in each county may provide or authorize a county pound or pounds or enter into a cooperative agreement with a city, a veterinarian or an Arizona incorporated humane society for the establishment and operation of a county pound.

B. Any stray dog shall be impounded. All dogs and cats impounded shall be given proper care and maintenance.

C. Each stray dog or any cat impounded and not eligible for a sterilization program shall be kept and maintained at the county pound for a minimum of seventy-two hours or one hundred twenty hours for an animal that is impounded with a microchip or wearing a license or any other discernible form of owner identification, unless claimed or surrendered by its owner. Any person may purchase a dog or cat on expiration of the impoundment period, if the person pays all pound fees established by the county board of supervisors and complies with the licensing and vaccinating provisions of this article. If the dog or cat is to be used for medical research, a license or vaccination is not required.  Any impounded cat that is eligible for a sterilization program and that will be returned to the vicinity where the cat was originally captured may be exempted from the mandatory holding period required by this subsection.  For the purposes of this subsection, "eligible" means a cat that is living outdoors, lacks discernible identification, is of sound health and possesses its claws.

D. Any impounded licensed dog or any cat may be reclaimed by its owner or the owner's agent provided that the person reclaiming the dog or cat furnishes proof of the person's right to do so and pays all pound fees established by the board of supervisors. Any person purchasing a dog or cat shall pay all pound fees established by the board of supervisors.

E. If the dog or cat is not reclaimed within the impoundment period, the county enforcement agent shall take possession of and may place the dog or cat for sale or may dispose of the dog or cat in a humane manner. The county enforcement agent may destroy impounded sick or injured dogs or cats if destruction is necessary to prevent the dog or cat from suffering or to prevent the spread of disease.