11-1009. Kennel permit; fee; denial; inspection; violation; classification

A. A person operating a kennel shall obtain a permit issued by the board of supervisors of the county where the kennel is located except if each individual dog is licensed.

B. The annual fee for the kennel permit is seventy-five dollars or the actual cost of recovery as determined by the board of supervisors.

C. A dog remaining within the kennel is not required to be licensed individually under section 11-1008. A dog leaving the controlled kennel conditions shall be licensed under section 11-1008 except if the dog is only being transported to another kennel that has a permit issued under this section.

D. A person who fails to obtain a kennel permit under this section is subject to a penalty of twenty-five dollars in addition to the annual fee.

E. The county shall deny a kennel permit to any person who has been convicted of a violation of section 13-2910 or 13-2910.01 or any other state, county or municipal animal welfare law, except violations of license and leash laws.

F. A person who operates a kennel that houses fewer than twenty dogs may be subject to an inspection by the county enforcement agent during regular business hours if the county enforcement agent has received a citizen or law enforcement complaint in writing that alleges the person committed an act in violation of section 13-2910 or 13-2910.01. A person who operates a kennel that houses twenty dogs or more shall allow inspections of the kennel by the county enforcement agent as a condition of receiving a kennel permit. This subsection does not apply to any kennel that houses dogs that are being used or trained for hunting.

G. A person who knowingly fails to obtain a kennel permit within thirty days after written notification from the county enforcement agent is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.