10-11403. Articles of dissolution

A. At any time after dissolution is authorized, the corporation may dissolve by delivering to the commission articles of dissolution setting forth all of the following:

1. The name of the corporation.

2. The date dissolution was authorized.

3. A statement that the dissolution was duly authorized by an act of the members or an act of the board of directors and, if applicable, with the approval required pursuant to section 10-11402.

B. A corporation is dissolved on the effective date of its articles of dissolution.

C. The articles of dissolution shall not be considered complete until all fees, penalties and costs required to be paid under this title have been paid.

D. Within sixty days after the commission approves the filing, either of the following must occur:

1. A copy of the articles of dissolution shall be published. An affidavit evidencing the publication may be filed with the commission.

2. The commission shall input the information regarding the approval into the database as prescribed by section 10-130.

E. The articles of dissolution are not complete until the commission has received a notice from the department of revenue that the tax levied under title 42, chapter 5, article 1 against the corporation has been paid, or until the department of revenue notifies the commission that the corporation is not subject to the tax and the commission has received from the department of revenue a certificate issued by the department of revenue pursuant to section 43-1151.

F. Notwithstanding subsection C of this section, if an annual report becomes due on or after the first date on which the articles of dissolution are delivered to the commission for filing, the annual report requirement prescribed in section 10-11622 is suspended for a period of six months after the first date on which the articles of dissolution are delivered to the commission for filing. On the expiration of the six-month suspension, if the articles of dissolution are not approved for filing or if the corporation is administratively dissolved pursuant to section 10-11420, paragraph 9, all past due annual reports required by section 10-11622, together with fees, are owed as if the suspension never occurred.