10-2727. Redemption

A. Unless otherwise expressly provided in the articles of incorporation or in bylaws approved by the shareholders of an issuing public corporation, the issuing public corporation may call for redemption of all but not less than all shares referred to in section 10-2725, subsection A acquired in a control share acquisition at a redemption price equal to the market value of the shares at the time the call for redemption is given if either:

1. An information statement has not been delivered to the issuing public corporation by the acquiring person by the tenth day after the control share acquisition.

2. An information statement has been delivered but the shareholders have voted not to accord voting rights to such shares pursuant to section 10-2725, subsection B.

B. If exercising its redemption right pursuant to this section, the issuing public corporation shall give the acquiring person written notice of the call for redemption within thirty days after the event giving the issuing public corporation the option to call the shares for redemption and the shares shall be redeemed within sixty days after the call is given.