10-2215. Corporation name

A. The name of a domestic professional corporation and of a foreign professional corporation authorized to transact business in this state, in addition to satisfying the requirements of sections 10-401 and 10-1506, shall:

1. Contain the words "professional corporation", "professional association", "service corporation", "limited" or "chartered" or the abbreviation "P.C.", "P.A.", "S.C.", "Ltd.",  "Chtd.", "PC", "PA", "SC", "LTD" or "CHTD".

2. Not contain language stating or implying that it is incorporated for a purpose other than that authorized by section 10-2211 and its articles of incorporation.

3. Conform with any rule adopted by the licensing authority having jurisdiction over a professional service described in the corporation's articles of incorporation.

B. Sections 10-401 and 10-1506 do not prevent the use of a name otherwise prohibited by those sections if it is the personal name of a shareholder or former shareholder of the domestic or foreign professional corporation or the name of an individual who was associated with a predecessor of the corporation.