10-2201. Definitions

In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Disqualified person" means an individual or entity that is not or ceases to be a qualified person.

2. "Foreign professional corporation" means a corporation or association for profit incorporated for the purpose of rendering professional services under a law other than the law of this state.

3. "License" or "licensed" means any license, authorization, certificate, registration, certificate of registration, membership or other evidence of the satisfaction of the requirements of this state for the practice of a professional service.

4. "Licensing authority" means the officer, board, agency, court or other authority in this state empowered by law to license or otherwise authorize the rendition of a professional service.

5. "Professional corporation" or "domestic professional corporation" means a corporation for profit that is not a foreign professional corporation and that is incorporated under or subject to this chapter.

6. "Professional service" means a service that may be lawfully rendered only by a person licensed or otherwise authorized by a licensing authority in this state to render the service.

7. "Qualified person" means a person that is eligible under this chapter to be issued shares by a professional corporation.

8. "Voting shares" means shares entitled to vote for election of directors of the professional corporation.