10-2126. Amendment of articles; change of location of principal office

A. A generation and transmission cooperative may amend its articles of incorporation by complying with the following requirements:

1. A proposed amendment shall be presented to a meeting of the members.  The meeting notice shall state or have attached to it all proposed amendments.  A proposed amendment, with any changes, shall be approved by the affirmative vote of either:

(a) At least two-thirds of the total number of voting delegates voting at the meeting.

(b) The number prescribed in the bylaws but not less than a majority of the total number of voting delegates voting at the meeting.

2. After approval, the articles of amendment shall be executed by the cooperative.

3. The articles of amendment shall recite that they are executed pursuant to this article and shall state:

(a) The name of the generation and transmission cooperative.

(b) The address of its principal office.

(c) The amendment of its articles of incorporation.

B. On authorization of the board of directors or its members, a generation and transmission cooperative may, without amending its articles of incorporation, change the location of its principal office by filing with the corporation commission a certificate that recites the change of principal office and that is executed by the cooperative.