10-2052. Purpose

A. Cooperative nonprofit membership corporations may be organized under this article for any of the following purposes:

1. Supplying, purchasing, marketing, selling, transmitting or distributing electric energy to persons and promoting and extending the use of electric energy.

2. Providing billing, metering, communications and other services related or incidental to supplying, providing or transmitting electric energy, whether or not the cooperative is itself supplying or transmitting that energy.

3. Engaging in activities designed to promote economic development of rural areas as described in section 10-2057.

4. Engaging in activities for any lawful purpose.

5. Directly or through an affiliate, providing broadband service to areas in which the cooperative provides electric energy services.

B. In a rural area where there is no telephone service, a cooperative that is supplying electric energy in the area may enter into a cooperative agreement with the existing holder of a certificate of convenience and necessity for telephone service in the general area to supply telephone service in the same area.

C. Generation and transmission cooperatives as defined in article 4 of this chapter are subject to article 4 of this chapter and not to this article.