10-1842. Payment of claim

A. If the department of administration is satisfied that the person making a claim, as provided by section 10-1841, is entitled to the monies or securities claimed, the director of the department of administration shall approve the claim and order the department of revenue to deliver the securities to the claimant or draw a warrant for payment to the claimant of the money claimed, as the case may be.

B. All monies acquired by the state as unclaimed shares or dividends of a corporation shall be deposited, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, into a clearing account from which payment of claims for the money may be made.  The monies shall remain in the clearing account until the expiration of the period in which claims thereon may be filed, as prescribed by section 10-1841, and shall, during such period, be available for payment of such claims without further appropriation. On expiration of the claim period, the monies shall be credited to the permanent state school fund.