10-130. Powers; duties; database


(L18, Ch. 119, sec. 1)


A. The commission has the power and authority reasonably necessary to enable it to administer this title efficiently and to perform the duties imposed on it by this title, including the power and authority to make rules for those purposes.

B. The commission shall establish and maintain a database for documents filed pursuant to sections 10-203, 10-1006, 10-1007, 10-1008, 10-1105, 10-1403, 10-1503, 10-1520, 10-2077, 10-2143, 10-3203, 10-11006, 10-11007, 10-11008, 10-11105, 10-11403, 10-11503, 10-11520, 29-633, 29-635 and 29-754.  The database shall only include documents that are filed for an entity with a known place of business that is located in a county with a population of more than eight hundred thousand persons.  The commission shall post the database on its website to allow the public to search for business information, including an entity's name, approval date and county of the known place of business.  The information must be maintained in the database for at least ninety days. The commission may not charge a fee to any entity for information entered into the database pursuant to this subsection.