REFERENCE TITLE: civilian patrol groups




State of Arizona

House of Representatives

Forty-eighth Legislature

First Regular Session




HCR 2011


Introduced by

Representatives Sinema, Ableser, Lujan: Campbell CH, Gallardo, Lopes, Meza, Prezelski, Tom





supporting comprehensive immigration reform that promotes the humanitarian treatment of all persons in arizona, encourages strong economic growth through rational immigration policies and allows for effective enforcement.






Whereas, the citizens of Arizona have consistently promoted tolerance and respect for the rights, free speech and lives of all of its residents, including immigrants and their families, and have consistently opposed unofficial militias and vigilantism that can lead to confrontation and violence, as evidenced by Cochise County Resolution 02-102; and

Whereas, civilian patrol initiatives are contrary to all that the United States and Arizona stand for, including the presumption that everyone within our country and our state is here lawfully; and

Whereas, private individuals associating together to come to our state to assist, in some manner, the federal authorities in the enforcement of the immigration laws could only be conducive to antisocial conduct, to unnecessary intrusion on human relationships, to deleterious misunderstandings and to aggressive behavior, especially given the documented infiltration of these groups by white supremacists; and

Whereas, immigrants have contributed significantly to the strength and economic prosperity of the United States and of Arizona, and action must be taken to ensure their fair treatment by employers and protection against fraud and abuse; and

Whereas, fixing the broken immigration system requires a comprehensive approach that provides for adequate legal channels for immigration and enforcement of immigration laws that will serve the economic, social and security interests of the United States; and

Whereas, federal immigration policy should foster economic growth by allowing willing workers to be matched with willing employers when no United States worker is available to take a job.


Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Arizona, the Senate concurring:

1.  That the Members of the Legislature oppose individualized groups that are not formally affiliated with any federal or state law enforcement agency and whose members take it upon themselves to invade Arizona, allegedly to engage in civilian patrol initiatives to assist the federal government in enforcing federal immigration laws and policies.

2.  That the Members of the Legislature declare Arizona to be a "Safety Zone" where all persons are treated equally, with respect and dignity, regardless of immigration status.

3.  That the Members of the Legislature express their desire that the United States government adopt comprehensive immigration reforms that ensure respect and fair treatment of all persons, foster economic growth and allow for effective enforcement.

4.  That the Members of the Legislature express their desire that the United States government, on adoption of sensible and comprehensive immigration reforms, begin effective enforcement of federal immigration laws at the federal level so that Arizona is not forced to shoulder the costs of enforcing federal immigration laws.

5.  That the Secretary of State of the State of Arizona transmit copies of this Resolution to the President of the United States, the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and each Member of Congress from the State of Arizona.