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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-seventh Legislature - First Regular Session
  Thayer Verschoor

Thayer Verschoor

District 22

1700 W. Washington
Room 306
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-4136
Fax Number: (602) 417-3222


Personal Information:

Home City: Gilbert
Valley Metro
Member Since:
January 2003
Born: May 16, 1961
Birthplace: Yuma, AZ
Wife: Carla Verschoor
Children: Ryan, Brad, Steve, Lisa, and Amy
Education: B.S. Political Science, ASU
Length of Residence: Life long in AZ
Party: Republican
Professional Career: Retail Manager, Business owner


Committee Assignments
Family Services Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Government Accountability and Reform Member Click Here Click Here
Higher Education Member Click Here Click Here
Transportation Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2127 C big game permits; compassionate transfer
HB2139 C income tax; corporate sales factor See Vote
HB2294 P AIMS test; graduation requirement; prohibition.
HB2295 P animal and ecological terrorism
  (NOW: terrorism; animal; ecological
HB2379 C marriage penalty elimination; tax credits.
  (NOW: tuition organizations; corporate tax credit
HB2385 C community colleges; baccalaureate degrees
HB2402 C establishment of new counties
HB2414 C computer spyware
HB2420 C unfair insurance practices; technical correction.
HB2421 C HCSO; chiropractic care; number.
HB2422 C HCSO; unfair claim settlement practices.
HB2423 C chiropractic care; guidelines; unfair claims.
HB2439 C liquor; special event licenses; revenues
  (NOW: first responder; building information systems
See Vote
HB2447 C sentencing; third serious offense
HB2448 C cellular telephone services; disputes; arbitration
HB2449 C trade names
HB2471 C authorized emergency vehicles; right-of-way
HB2523 C clean elections; fundraising expenses
HB2531 C cigarettes; small packages; sale
HB2541 C health care; rights of conscience
HB2560 C private investigators; security guards; exemptions
HB2561 P racing on highways; vehicle impoundment
HB2574 C charter schools; sponsors
  (NOW: charter schools; sponsorship; colleges; universities
HB2585 C military sales tax exemption
HB2593 C rental agreements; emergency; tenant protection
HB2615 C cervical cancer study committee
HB2623 C bond elections; ballot language
HB2626 C military reuse zone incentives; extension
HB2641 C appropriation; teachers; retirement contributions
HB2666 C misconduct involving weapons
HB2684 C mercury amalgam fillings; notification
HCM2003 C end abusive railroad practices.
  (NOW: rail rates; Surface Transportation Board
HCM2005 C marriage; constitutional amendment
HCM2006 C free trade area of Americas
HCM2007 C CAP water priority
HCR2029 C taxpayer bill of rights
HCR2035 C judicial conduct; open records; proceedings
HCR2041 C Ronald Reagan; death resolution
HCR2063 C Honorable James Sedillo
HR2002 C Lalo Guerrero death resolution
SB1026 C regional parks; land sales requirements
SB1044 C schools; crime reports; pupil interviews See Vote
SB1045 C child custody; recodification
SB1046 C orders of protection; service
SB1047 C community restitution See Vote
SB1052 C protection of unborn children
  (NOW: unborn children; protection
See Vote
SB1053 C elective offices; temporary military vacancies See Vote
SB1056 C exemption; service connected disability
SB1069 P* AIMS test; graduation requirement; prohibition
SB1072 C special education; scope; gifted pupils.
SB1073 C family literacy programs; requirements.
SB1081 C marriage penalty elimination; tax credits
SB1145 C marriage dissolution; misconduct
SB1155 C payroll deductions; declaration of purpose.
SB1160 C DUI assessments; DPS equipment; bonuses See Vote
SB1164 P* photo radar; controlled access highways
SB1165 P* license plate commission; repeal
SB1166 P* drug, gang policy council; continuation
  (NOW: terrorism; animal; ecological
See Vote
SB1167 P* child abuse special plates; motorcycles
  (NOW: English as official language
See Vote
SB1168 P* board of executive clemency; continuation
SB1169 C luxury tax; liquor wholesalers
SB1181 C e-learning centered schools
SB1185 C use tax percentage based reporting See Vote
SB1215 C justice of the peace; duties
SB1216 C presiding jp; duties
SB1217 C criminal restoration to competency
SB1222 C roundabouts; petition signatures; adopted resolution
SB1229 C cable television; services
SB1233 C homeowners' associations; military flags
SB1240 C certified ignition interlock devices See Vote
SB1243 C DUI violations; ignition interlock requirements
SB1269 C concealed weapons; county detention officers
SB1270 C school pupils; personal information; disclosure See Vote
SB1271 C schools; Arizona gun safety program
SB1280 C emissions testing; twenty-five years; exemption
SB1281 C homeowner's associations; declaration amendment
SB1282 C agriculture department; 2005 omnibus act See Vote
SB1289 C stranger danger; K-8 curriculum
SB1299 C gift cards; fees; expiration; disclosure
  (NOW: gift cards; disclosure; fees; expiration
See Vote
SB1301 C emancipation of minors.
SB1304 C no child left behind; option
SB1305 C probation; surveillance officers; overtime; representation
  (NOW: contractors; licensing limit; exemption
SB1306 C child abuse; restitution
  (NOW: local enforcement; federal immigration laws
See Vote
SB1313 C support payments; electronic transfers. See Vote
SB1314 C child support; paternity registry.
SB1317 C nonpartisan campaign funds; restriction
SB1321 P* driver point system; speed violations
SB1322 P* transportation policy committee
  (NOW: contractors; indemnity agreements
See Vote
SB1323 P* contractors; indemnity agreements.
SB1324 P* speed limit; eighty-five per cent
SB1325 P* overdimensional permit council; rules See Vote
SB1326 P* photo enforcement contracts
SB1327 P* contagious diseases; technical correction
SB1328 P* photo enforcement; process server costs
SB1329 P* increasing speed limits; highways
SB1330 P* vehicle speed limits
SB1331 P* community college boards; term limits
SB1332 P* membership; transportation board
SB1333 P* animal and ecological terrorism.
  (NOW: ecological and animal terrorism
SB1337 C forest health amendments
SB1341 C air quality rules; dust exceedances
SB1355 C home schooled pupils; interscholastic activities
SB1356 C state employees; military differential pay
SB1357 C smuggling of persons
SB1362 C game licenses; voter registration link
SB1363 C bar licenses; firearms; posted notice See Vote
SB1372 C human trafficking violations
SB1382 C sex offenders; registration
SB1384 C sex offenders; registration; lifetime probation. See Vote
SB1392 C municipal planning; aggregate mining
SB1393 C aggregate mined land reclamation act See Vote
SB1420 C uninsured drivers; penalties; vehicle impoundment
SB1436 C mobile home parks; landlord; tenant See Vote
SB1438 C concealed weapons permits
SB1485 C rights of conscience
SB1489 C schools; A plus literacy passports
SB1490 C equal access to government property
SB1491 C school tax credit; classroom instruction
SB1492 C common council; cities; vacancies
SB1493 C income tax credit; home schooling
SB1494 C defensive driving school; eligibility.
SB1498 C public records; requestors; lawsuits prohibited
SB1502 C channelization districts; interim zoning protection
SB1503 P* speed limit enforcement
SB1504 P* regional transportation plans; development; ballot
SB1505 P* community facilities districts; technical correction
  (NOW: community facilities districts; specific benefit
See Vote
SB1506 P* parental educational choice grant program
SB1508 C commercial property tax relief
SB1509 C voter registration database; felony convictions
SCM1001 C United Nations; federal legislation
SCM1003 C end abusive railroad practices
  (NOW: Social Security; reform
See Vote
SCR1008 C auditor general; reappointment
SCR1009 C service connected disability; tax relief
SCR1022 C commutation; governor's power to grant
SCR1024 C honoring Arizona's teachers
SCR1026 C repeal clean elections..
SCR1029 C constitutional amendments; single subject
SCR1030 C repeal state income tax
SCR1032 P* superior court judges; supervisorial districts
SCR1038 C justices and judges; senate confirmation
SCR1040 P* agricultural equipment; tax exemption
SCR1041 P* government contracts; preferences
SCR1045 C corporation commission; districts
SR1001 C death resolution; Pope John Paul II


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor