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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-seventh Legislature - First Regular Session
  Jay Tibshraeny

Jay Tibshraeny
Majority Whip

District 21

1700 W. Washington
Room 212
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-4481
Fax Number: (602) 417-3152


Personal Information:

Home City:Chandler
Small Businessman
Member Since:
January 2003

Age: 50

Education: Chandler High School Graduate; Arizona State University Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Birthplace: Native of Chandler

Family: Wife, Karen M. Tibshraeny; Daughter, Lauren Noel Rose Tibshraeny

Prior Political Experience: Mayor, City of Chandler, 1994 - 2002 (Youngest Person to be Elected Mayor); Re-elected to an unprecedented Fourth Term as Mayor, March 2000; Vice Mayor, City of Chandler, 1990 - 1994; Council member, City of Chandler, 1986 – 1990

Professional & Civic Organizations: National Conference of State Legislator’s Economic Development, Trade and Cultural Affairs Committee; Chandler Friends of the Library; Chandler/Gilbert Association For Retarded Citizens Advisory Board; Chandler Historical Society; Child Crisis Center Advisory Board; Maricopa County Sheriff's Executive Posse

Past Professional & Civic Organizations: Greater Phoenix Economic Council Board of Directors (2002); Greater Phoenix Economic Council Executive Committee (2002); Maricopa Association of Governments Secretary/Treasurer (2000 - 2002); Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce Advisory Council (1999-2002); Maricopa Association of Governments Executive Committee (1997 - 2002);Arizona League of Cities and Towns Executive Committee (2000 - 2002); National League of Cities Transportation Infrastructure & Services Policy Committee (1986 - 2002); Williams Air Force Base Redevelopment Partnership (1994 - 2002); Regional Public Transportation Authority (Past Chairman) (1994 - 2002); Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (Past Chairman) (1994 - 2002); Chandler Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board (1994 - 2002); Chandler Volunteer Fireman Pension Board (1994 - 2002)


Committee Assignments
Commerce and Economic Development Member Click Here Click Here
Finance Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2379 C marriage penalty elimination; tax credits.
  (NOW: tuition organizations; corporate tax credit
HB2414 C computer spyware
HCM2005 P marriage; constitutional amendment
HCR2041 C Ronald Reagan; death resolution
HCR2063 C Honorable James Sedillo
SB1004 P* juries; persons excused from service
SB1005 P* municipal tax incentives; emergency measures
SB1006 P* eminent domain; attorney fees; clarification
SB1020 P* notarized documents; real estate
SB1022 P* gift cards; no fees
SB1023 P* solar energy advisory council; continuation
SB1024 P* constitutional commemoration committee; continuation
SB1025 P* performance based incentives; amount
SB1026 P* regional parks; land sales requirements
SB1027 C tax exemption; active duty pay
  (NOW: active duty pay; tax exemption
SB1031 P* false reporting
SB1048 C birth certificates; access
SB1052 C protection of unborn children
  (NOW: unborn children; protection
See Vote
SB1053 P* elective offices; temporary military vacancies See Vote
SB1054 P* emergency and military affairs; continuation
SB1055 P* ombudsman-citizens aide; continuation
SB1056 C exemption; service connected disability
SB1065 P* historical advisory commission; centennial 2012
SB1069 C AIMS test; graduation requirement; prohibition
SB1081 C marriage penalty elimination; tax credits
SB1123 P* manufactured housing; technical correction
SB1147 P* business entitlements; enhancements; technical correction
SB1158 P* unconstitutional statutes; repeal
SB1178 P* property tax exemption; widows See Vote
SB1183 P* economic development; technical correction
SB1185 C use tax percentage based reporting See Vote
SB1251 C elder provider liability reform See Vote
SB1274 P* municipal sales tax incentives; restrictions See Vote
SB1283 C technical correction; emergency medical services
  (NOW: forest health
See Vote
SB1284 C adult education; technical correction
SB1285 C commercial mortgage bankers; technical correction
SB1286 C department of revenue; technical correction
SB1287 P* municipal business incentives; referendum
SB1299 C gift cards; fees; expiration; disclosure
  (NOW: gift cards; disclosure; fees; expiration
See Vote
SB1346 C motion picture production; tax credit
SB1347 C motion picture production; tax incentives
  (NOW: tax incentives; motion picture production
See Vote
SB1356 C state employees; military differential pay
SB1357 C smuggling of persons
SB1362 C game licenses; voter registration link
SB1394 P definition; agency; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; school facilities board
SB1395 P budgeting; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; fees for services
SB1396 P funds disposition; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; environmental protections
SB1397 P federal masters; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; criminal justice
SB1398 P funds request; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; budget procedures
SB1399 P depository banks; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; state automation; telecommunications
SB1400 P global risk; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; supplemental appropriations
SB1401 P claims adjustment; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; capital outlay
SB1402 P state debt; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; transportation
SB1403 P warrant redemption; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; general revenues
SB1404 P bond issuance; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; health and welfare
SB1405 P development boards; technical correction
  (NOW: K-12 education; budget reconciliation
SB1406 P elected official; approval; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; higher education
SB1407 P rebates; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; Ladewig settlement payments
SB1408 P definition; technical correction
  (NOW: general appropriations; 2005-2006
SB1409 P agent contracts; technical correction
SB1410 P definitions; taxes; technical correction
SB1411 P political subdivision bonds; technical correction
SB1412 P anticipation bonds; technical correction
SB1417 C excavation marking; procedures
SB1420 C uninsured drivers; penalties; vehicle impoundment
SB1425 P* county supervisors; number
SB1478 P* industrial commission; administrative fund; transfer
SB1488 P* persons lawfully detained; identification requirement
SB1498 C public records; requestors; lawsuits prohibited
SB1508 C commercial property tax relief
SB1513 C general appropriations; budget.
SB1514 C capital outlay; budget.
SB1515 C health and welfare; budget.
SB1516 C K-12 education; budget.
SB1517 C higher education; budget.
SB1518 C school facilities board; budget.
SB1519 C general revenues; budget.
SB1520 C fees for services; budget.
SB1521 C state budget procedures; budget.
SB1522 C environmental protections; budget.
SB1523 C transportation; budget.
SB1524 C Ladewig settlement payments; budget.
SB1525 C criminal justice; budget.
SB1526 C state automation; telecommunications; budget.
SB1527 C tuition organizations; tax credit; budget.
SB1528 C taxation; corporations; property; budget.
SB1529 C revenue; marriage; taxation; budget.
SCR1006 C punitive damages; schools; teachers; exemption
SCR1008 C auditor general; reappointment
SCR1009 C service connected disability; tax relief
SCR1024 C honoring Arizona's teachers
SCR1027 C supreme court clerk; technical correction
  (NOW: mandate; balanced budget
SCR1028 C state expenditures; technical correction
SCR1038 P* justices and judges; senate confirmation
SR1001 C death resolution; Pope John Paul II


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor