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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  David Bradley

David Bradley

District 28

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 337
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3300
Fax Number: (602) 417-3028


Personal Information:

Home City: Tucson
Child Welfare Administrator
Member Since:
January 2003

Birthday: November 13, 1952. Born in Seattle Washington
Marital Status: Married - Wife: Debra D'Amore, 4 children.


MBA, MSEd, B.S. Psychology

Offices Held

Chairman - Pima County Democratic Party 2002-2002
Vice-Chair - Pima County Democratic Party 1993-1994
President - Democrats of Greater Tucson

Business or Professional Career

President, Executive Director, La Paloma Family Services 1993-present
Certified Behavioral Healthcare Executive, 1989-present
Certified Professional Counselor 1984-present
President, Behavior Healthcare Coalition of Southern Arizona 1999
U.S. Navy - 1972-1980

Lodges, Societies, Additional Information

Tucson Chamber of Commerce
Tucson Rotary
Vestry St. Michael and All Angels Church
Arizona Community Action Association
American Legion




Committee Assignments
Health Member Click Here Click Here
Human Services Member Click Here Click Here
Public Institutions and Retirement Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2088 P DPS; retirement; badge
  (NOW: badges; officer purchase; illegal use
HB2129 C text messaging while driving; prohibition
HB2130 P child passenger booster seats
HB2131 C development fees; public transportation
HB2132 C AHCCCS; retirees; eligible members
HB2246 P employment security; appeals board
HB2247 P TANF; diversion program; sanctions See Vote
HB2248 P title IV-D services; fee See Vote
HB2249 P child support enforcement See Vote
HB2266 P educational voucher managers
HB2267 P* charter schools; educational convenience certificates
HB2305 P school districts; impact aid miscalculations
  (NOW: school districts; budget; miscalculations; receivership
See Vote
HB2306 P feral honeybees; public nuisance
HB2308 P appropriations; border county costs
HB2318 C minimum wage; disabled employees
HB2328 P county graffiti abatement See Vote
HB2334 C air quality; vapor recovery; Tucson
HB2335 C urban revenue sharing increase
HB2353 P law enforcement animals; animal cruelty
HB2354 P minors; abuse; duty to report
HB2355 P tax credit; charitable organizations
HB2356 P breast-feeding; juries; workplace privacy
HB2357 P terminally ill patients; suffering; control
HB2358 P sentencing; misdemeanors involving hate
HB2484 C well impacts; contamination
  (NOW: contamination; well impacts
See Vote
HB2485 C well water; Colorado; Santa Cruz
  (NOW: well water; Colorado river water
HB2487 C agricultural management practices committee; continuation See Vote
HB2488 C drought emergency groundwater transfers
HB2493 C energy production; tax credits
HB2494 C energy; water; savings loan fund
HB2495 C schools; energy performance standards
HB2496 C schools; energy and water savings
  (NOW: schools; energy and water efficiency
HB2534 C cities; water conservation
HB2535 C land divisions; water requirements
HB2536 C caged egg-laying hens
HB2537 C animal testing; prohibition
HB2538 C sales tax exemption; nonprofit housing
HB2539 C regulations; payday loans
HB2541 P insurance; mental health coverage; parity
HB2572 P aid in dying
HB2581 P* agency issued licenses; tamper proof
HB2583 P local land subdivisions; size
HB2596 C political campaigns; no call list
HB2599 P human remains
HB2600 P child passenger restraints; booster seats
HB2601 P graduated driver licenses
HB2610 P* child care; statement of services
  (NOW: animal fighting
HB2613 C kindergarten; full-time students
HB2623 P AHCCCS; children's health insurance program
HB2628 C appropriation; Navajo senior citizens
HB2629 C genetic testing; thrombophilia; coverage
HB2630 C ASRS; retirees; graded multiplier increase
HB2631 C appropriation; Navajo adult treatment center
HB2638 P local energy plans See Vote
HB2643 C transactions; deferred presentment; database
HB2644 C lobbyists; gift ban
HB2645 P grants; scholarships; tax credit; repeal
HB2666 C PSPRS; benefit increase; disability retiree
HB2667 C appropriation; developmental disabilities
HB2670 C school dropout age; increase
HB2672 C schools; K-3 class size requirements
HB2675 C appropriation; public school employees; retirement
HB2676 P tobacco products; storage and display
HB2684 P state employees; living donor leave
HB2685 P rape victims; pregnancy prevention
HB2686 P speed limits; large vehicles
HB2687 C rates; child care assistance
HB2688 P vehicle restraint violations; enforcement
HB2709 C solar thermal applications; study committee
HB2710 C home sales; water supply disclosure
HB2711 C hazardous substances; insurance
HB2712 C clean elections; matching funds limit
HB2714 C teacher certification; proficiency exam reciprocity
HB2724 C income based tuition waiver scholarships
HB2728 C 8th grade promotion certificates; elimination
HB2730 C DUI; ignition interlock device
HB2731 C teachers; minimum salary
HB2748 C human rights committees
HB2770 P appropriations; regenerative tissue; research
HCM2007 C telecommunications; Native Americans
HCM2013 C railroad rights-of-way
HCR2037 C business personal property taxes; exemption
HCR2044 P health care decisions week
HCR2045 C local mandates; funding
HR2002 C Virginia Tech; honoring those killed
SB1071 P technical correction; foster care
SB1072 P technical correction; kinship care
SB1108 P African-American affairs; commission
SB1109 P automatic restoration of voting rights
SB1110 P kinship foster care; grandparents; appropriation
SB1111 P foster care; age limit; extension
SB1112 P toxic fire response
SB1113 C low water use landscaping; subdivisions
SB1190 P integrated family court; court orders
SB1264 P appropriation; independent living; visually impaired
SB1345 P identity theft; freezing consumer report
  (NOW: identity theft; freezing credit report
SB1348 P telecoil hearing aids; consumer information
SB1354 P tax credit; medical liability insurance
SB1355 P Goldwater range; concurrent jurisdiction
SB1436 P nutritional information; chain restaurants
SB1438 P home loan regulations
SB1439 P mortgages; real property transfers
SB1473 P payday loans; military
SB1474 P long-term care insurance
SB1481 P AHCCCS eligibility privatization; repeal.
SB1510 C sports authority; Cactus league relocations
SB1529 C optometry; use of pharmaceutical agents
SB1584 P vehicle restraint violations; enforcement.


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor