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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-seventh Legislature - First Regular Session
  Richard Miranda

Richard Miranda
Assistant Minority Leader

District 13

1700 W. Washington
Room 310
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5911
Fax Number: (602) 417-3171


Personal Information:

Home City: Phoenix
Member Since:


Committee Assignments
Commerce and Economic Development Member Click Here Click Here
Government Accountability and Reform Member Click Here Click Here
Judiciary Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2230 C accidents; injured animals; leaving scene
HB2254 C MVD records; peace officer photographs
HB2313 C aid in dying
HB2314 P homeowners' associations; drought declaration; lawns
HB2329 P local water use standards; landscaping
HB2342 P administrative law judges; confidential information
HB2343 C vehicles; special registration
HB2344 C county animal control; charitable organizations
HB2489 P animal fighting
HB2504 P vehicle restraint violations; enforcement.
HB2505 P elected officials; officeholder expenses; accounts
HB2506 P tax credit; elderly care; dependents
HB2507 P vocational education; graduation requirements
HB2517 C appropriation; project GITEM
HB2526 C breast cancer special plates
HB2615 P cervical cancer study committee
HB2628 P remote stun guns
HB2637 P legislative vacancies; election
HB2643 P lower Colorado river multispecies conservation
HB2647 P liquor; omnibus See Vote
HCM2001 P cervical cancer; task force
HCM2007 P CAP water priority
HCR2021 P health care decisions week
HCR2022 C equal rights amendment; ratification
HCR2041 P Ronald Reagan; death resolution
HCR2063 P Honorable James Sedillo
HM2002 P pain management; health professionals
HR2002 P Lalo Guerrero death resolution
SB1015 P juries; persons excused from service
SB1037 P nuclear emergency appropriations and assessments
SB1049 P bad checks; classification
SB1069 P AIMS test; graduation requirement; prohibition
SB1149 C victims' rights; criminal offense definition
SB1150 C victims' rights; postconviction notice
SB1151 C criminal restitution orders
SB1153 P personnel files; right to copies
SB1169 P luxury tax; liquor wholesalers
SB1175 C victims' rights; sentencing
SB1319 P state employees; salary plan
SB1320 P state salary adjustment; appropriation
SB1372 P human trafficking violations
SB1383 P* community colleges; nonresidents; technical correction
SB1385 P* community college boards; term limitations
SB1387 P* common school districts; technical correction
SB1389 P* community college board members; offices
  (NOW: provider contracts; appeals; reimbursement rates
See Vote
SB1390 P* low water use landscaping; subdivisions
SB1440 P labor organizations; nonunion employees; representation.
SB1448 P Indian tribal tax; mining credit
SB1449 P procurement services; outsourcing prohibited
SB1450 P tribal courts
SB1451 P minimum wages.
SB1452 P air quality fund; reservations
SB1453 P transportation board; Native American member
SB1464 P full-day kindergarten; statewide implementation
SB1466 P* tax check-off; national guard relief
SB1467 P* appropriation; national guard insurance
SB1468 P* physicians; medical schools; cultural competency
SB1469 P* elections; voter registration list
SB1470 P* AHCCCS; member employers
SB1471 P* AHCCCS; reimbursement by employer.
SB1495 P ELL pupils; standards; weight.
SB1497 P state treasurer; universities; technology transfer
SCR1008 C auditor general; reappointment
SCR1037 P state minimum wage.
SCR1042 P* wage protection; voter approval.
SR1001 P death resolution; Pope John Paul II


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor