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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-third Legislature - First Regular Session
  Juan Mendez

Juan Mendez

District 26

1700 W. Washington
Room 313
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-4124
Fax Number: (602)


Juan Mendez is a first generation American and a native Arizonan. Having lived across Maricopa County he attended Tolleson Union High School, received his associate degree from Phoenix College, then graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Justice Studies from ASU.

Elected to the State House of Representatives in 2012, Juan represents district 26 which includes north Tempe, northwest Mesa, some of South Phoenix and the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community

Before running for office Juan ran the local nonprofit program Arizona Community Voicemail, connecting the homeless and economically vulnerable to jobs, housing, and hope. Today when he isn't at the legislature or in the community he is a substitute high school teacher for the Tempe and Mesa school districts.

Senator Mendez has also been the chair and co-chair of the Arizona Legislative Latino Caucus for the last and current election term.

Personal Information:
Home City: Tempe
Occupation: Manage Community Voice Mail (non-profit)
Member Since: 2013


Committee Assignments
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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2172 C medical assistance requests; evidence; mitigation
HB2183 C lifetime limit; cash assistance
HB2184 C at-risk youth; career, college readiness
HB2272 C voting; ranking; ballot format
HB2273 C appropriation; elections and database security
HB2274 C elections; signature gathering; prevention; reporting
HB2275 C county recorder; nonpartisan election
HB2276 C election law; review; commission
HB2277 C national popular vote; interstate agreement
HB2278 C motor vehicle title loans; prohibition
HB2323 C critical health information; emergency responders
HB2336 C end-of-life decisions; terminally ill
HB2341 C national guard; deployment; professional licenses
HB2342 C veterans' services; benefits counselors; appropriation
HB2343 C dual language education; study committee
HB2344 C state board; community colleges
HB2345 C study; state board; community colleges
HB2390 C postsecondary education; loan information
HB2401 C health care providers; religious beliefs
HB2420 C diaper changing stations; public restrooms
HB2453 C schools; prohibited courses; repeal
HB2455 C appropriation; untested sexual assault kits
HB2502 C joint select commission on corrections.
HB2503 C criminal justice commission; membership; report.
HB2518 C procurement; veterans; Arizona bidders; preference
HCM2004 C urging Congress; affordable care act
HCR2012 C ratification; equal rights amendment
HCR2017 C schools; English language requirement; repeal.
SB1225 C school instruction; AIDS; homosexuality
SB1227 C charter schools; prohibited locations
SB1228 C charter school pupils; transfer; ADM
SB1229 C charter schools; teachers; administrators; certification
SB1230 C charter schools; website posting requirements
SB1231 C ADE; charter schools; assessments
SB1232 C charter schools; public meetings; records
SB1233 C charter schools; audit requirements
SB1234 C charter schools; procurement requirements
SB1250 C county motor fuel taxes
SB1251 C JTEDs; ninth graders; funding.
SB1257 C appropriation; district additional assistance
SB1264 C state lottery; county assistance fund
SB1265 C state-owned bank task force.
SB1266 C auditor general; charter schools
SB1276 C charter schools; special education services
SB1277 C charter schools; capacity; publication
SB1288 C homeowners' associations; board conflicts
SB1297 C adoption; married couple; preference
SB1304 C JTEDs; entrepreneurship programs; review exemption
SB1310 C Arizona criminal justice commission; membership
SB1313 C appropriation; teacher recruitment; retention
SB1320 C employment; housing; public accomodations; antidiscrimination
SB1322 C criminal justice commission; legislative recommendations
SB1323 C joint select committee on corrections
SB1339 C child care assistance; appropriation
SB1340 C TANF assistance; lifetime limit
SB1345 C adult incarceration contracts; cost comparison
SB1348 C STO credit; aggregate cap; freeze
SB1349 C tax credits; sunset
SB1352 C abortion; religious employers; contraception; repeal
SB1354 C schools; bullying policy; definition
SB1355 C sexual assault; survivor rights
SB1357 C minors; consent; housing; shelter services
SB1364 C elder abuse investigations; study committee
SB1382 C employment discrimination; prohibition
SB1383 C state finance review; task force
SB1385 C voter registration; social security number
SB1386 C statewide voter registration portability
SB1387 C early voting locations; extended hours.
SB1388 C early ballots; election day postmark
SB1389 C voting centers; on-campus voting
SB1390 C election procedures; workers; precincts; provisionals
SB1391 C elections; polling places; standards
SB1392 C early ballots; precinct ballot box
SB1394 C provisional ballots; residence; partial tabulation
SB1395 C provisional ballots; verification; tally
SB1396 C provisional ballots; incorrect precinct; tally.
SB1397 C early ballots; verification; cure
SB1411 C county stadium districts; revenue; school districts
SB1418 C women-owned and minority-owned businesses; grants
SB1420 C voting rights; restoration; felonies
SB1421 C notaries; unlawful practices; immigration
SB1422 C vacating conviction; trafficking; local offenses
SB1423 C immigration; law enforcement; repeal.
SB1424 C length of parole; juvenile offenders
SB1425 C criminal cases; arrests; records; erasure
SB1426 C criminal charges; unlawful orders; reimbursement
SB1427 C STO operational requirements
SB1445 C VLT; registration fees; gas tax
SB1446 C motor fuel taxes; county election
SB1447 C state personnel system; covered employees
SB1457 C tribal nations; veterans' services; appropriation
SB1458 C health careers; military veterans; committee
SB1459 C state holiday; Native American day
SB1460 C office of Indian education; assistance
SB1461 C study; tribal colleges; dual enrollment
SB1462 C dual enrollment; tribal colleges
SB1463 C vehicle title loans; finance charge
SB1464 C environmental quality; water; appropriation
SB1465 C liquor licenses; tribal councils; approval
SB1466 C TPT credit; tribal taxes
SB1467 C TPT; Indian tribes; economic development
SB1473 C consular identification cards; prohibition; repeal
SB1481 P* appropriations; medical marijuana fund
SB1482 P* water infrastructure finance authority; appropriation
SB1483 P* supplemental appropriation; foster care placement
SB1484 P* child care waiting list; appropriation.
SB1485 P* appropriation; community information and referral
SB1486 P* nursing board; rules; abortion
SB1487 P* G&F; appointment recommendation board; repeal
SB1488 P* hydraulic fracturing; prohibition
SB1489 P* energy measuring; containers; prohibition; repeal
SB1490 P* large electronics; recycling
SB1491 P* sex education curricula; requirements
SB1492 P* abortion; parental consent; exception
SB1493 P* corporate tax freeze; educational outcomes
SB1494 P* schools; compulsory attendance age; increase.
SB1495 P* postsecondary institutions; sexual consent policies
SB1496 P* abortion; parental consent; counseling exception
SB1497 P* telemedicine; abortion; prohibition repeal
SB1498 P* pesticides; prohibition
SB1499 P* voting; ranking; ballot format.
SB1500 P* presidential candidates, electors; tax returns
SB1501 P* affordable housing projects; tax assessment
SB1502 P* public facilities; environmental policies
SB1503 P* racial impact; analysis; legislative council
SB1504 P* justification; deadly physical force; exceptions
SB1505 P* toll roads; conversion; prohibition
SB1506 P* temporary services employer; employees; rights
SB1507 P* employees; school conferences; leave
SB1508 P* employment practices; consumer reports; limitation
SB1509 P* schools; health information; website posting
SB1510 P* food labeling requirements
SB1511 P* medical marijuana; study committee.
SB1512 P* terminally ill; care choices
SB1513 P* SNAP; benefit match; farmers markets
SB1514 P* health care providers; pregnancy; ultrasounds
SB1515 P* drug possession; medical assistance; probation
SB1516 P* vapor products; restrictions; use
SB1517 P* vapor products; tax
SB1518 P* death penalty; repeal
SB1519 P* repeal; right to work
SCM1012 C Indian health care; urging Congress
SCM1013 P* urging Congress; affordable care act.
SCM1014 P* urging Congress; Glass-Steagall act
SCR1004 C death resolution; Gus Arzberger
SCR1005 C death resolution; George Lemen
SCR1006 C death resolution; M. Lee Allison
SCR1007 C death resolution; John Hays
SCR1008 C death resolution; Rick Lavis
SCR1009 C schools; English language requirement; repeal
SCR1018 C speech and debate education day
SCR1020 C death resolution; Marian Lupu
SCR1021 C education finance TPT; rates
SCR1025 C Latina-owned businesses; support.
SCR1028 C veterans' services; Navajo nation; cooperation
SCR1029 C Oscar de los Santos; recognition
SCR1030 P* right to work; repeal
SCR1031 P* Chicano history week
SCR1032 P* prevention of violence; support
SCR1033 P* voting age; sixteen years
SCR1034 C death resolution; Eleanor Ann Day


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor