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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Richard Miranda

Richard Miranda

District 13

1700 W. Washington
Room 308
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5911
Fax Number: (602) 417-3171


Personal Information:

Home City: Phoenix
Member Since:

Richard Miranda comes from a farm-worker family of 11 brothers and sisters. The family has given our community four attorneys, a State Representative and a State Senator. Richard Miranda grew up in the Marcos de Niza Housing Projects of downtown Phoenix.

After receiving his diploma from North Phoenix High School in 1974, Richard Miranda went on to work in a variety of government and business settings. His work ranged from assistant to the Mayor of Phoenix to a legal manager of the Miranda Law Firm. Richard is also heavily involved in many community service projects and organizations, including Friendly House, the Boys and Girls Club of America and the Mountain Park Community Healthcare Center. Additionally, he served as Director of the Cesar E. Chavez Museum and as a former Board member for the Mexican Cultural Center.

This stewardship gave him the support of District 13 and he was honored with the approval of his constituents in his successful bid for the House of Representatives in 1998. During his service from 1998 to 2002, he promoted legislation to improve housing, health, and education in underserved communities.

In January of 2002, Richard Miranda began his tenure in the Senate he became Democratic Whip in 2005 and served as a ranking Democrat on several committees. He currently serves on the Senate Commerce, Finance and Judiciary committees. He is also past Chairman of the Arizona Legislative Latino Caucus. He was declared Legislator of the Year in 2003 by the Arizona Chiropractors Association and the Arizona Association of Community Health Centers in 2004. In October of 2006, he was the recipient of the Distinguished Achievment Award from the Mary Lou Foulton College of Education at Arizona State University. During his tenure in both Houses of the Arizona Legislature, Richard Miranda has consistently worked to improve the quality of life for the constituents of his district and of all Arizonans.

Senator Miranda serves as Migrant Health Director for the Arizona Association of Community Health Centers where he is dedicated to promoting access to primary health care. Additionally, he works as Executive Director for the Centro Adelante Campesino in Surprise, where he manages educational programs for children.

A Phoenix native, Senator Miranda resides in Tolleson and enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family.


Committee Assignments
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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2088 C DPS; retirement; badge
  (NOW: badges; officer purchase; illegal use
HB2476 P government property tax exemption; retroactivity
HB2623 C AHCCCS; children's health insurance program
HB2644 C lobbyists; gift ban
HB2681 P utility assistance; qualified fuel fund
HB2725 C restitution; civil proceedings by victims
HCM2008 P urge protection; Kofa herd
HCR2034 P judges; merit selection; population
HCR2041 P military bases; expressing support
SB1105 P law enforcement merit system council
SB1108 C African-American affairs; commission
SB1109 C automatic restoration of voting rights
SB1110 C kinship foster care; grandparents; appropriation
SB1111 C foster care; age limit; extension
SB1112 P toxic fire response See Vote
SB1113 P low water use landscaping; subdivisions
SB1129 P DPS; officer organizations; elections.
SB1135 P* appropriation; economic development; rural; tribal
SB1136 P* lottery monies; primary care facilities
SB1137 P* appropriation; university student aid
SB1138 P* appropriation; diabetes prevention
SB1139 P* appropriation; youth employment and training
SB1140 P* child care assistance; rates
SB1141 P* appropriation; mobile dentistry units
SB1142 P* lottery monies; historic homes fund
SB1143 P* appropriation; domestic violence shelters
SB1144 P* appropriation; Arizona graduates program
SB1145 P* small business loans
SB1146 P* appropriation; utility assistance
SB1147 P* sales and use tax holiday
SB1148 P* state earned income tax credit
SB1149 P* appropriation; homeless services
SB1150 P* tax exemption; disabled persons; widows
SB1151 P* income tax credit; diabetes expenses
SB1160 C universities; tuition adjustments; inflation
SB1170 P public safety employees: disease testing
SB1173 P health care businesses; consumer information
SB1174 P insurance; mental health coverage; parity.
SB1192 P appropriation; code talkers monument
SB1210 P* insurance premium tax credit cap
SB1211 P* voter identification; valid driver license
SB1212 P* elections; automatic recount; margin
SB1213 P* appropriation; discounted health care services
SB1214 P* membership; criminal justice commission
SB1269 C state personnel administration; exemptions.
SB1270 C state personnel board; members.
SB1271 C AHCCCS; healthcare group coverage; eligibility
SB1272 C elections; early voting; extended request.
SB1273 C public employees; collective bargaining
SB1274 C large employers; AHCCCS; reimbursement
SB1275 C vote by mail; permanent list.
SB1276 C elections; ballot by mail
SB1277 C mental disease waiver lapse; appropriation
SB1278 C workers' compensation; benefit amount
SB1279 C labor organizations; nonunion employees; representation
SB1280 C AHCCCS; members; employers; reports
SB1281 C telephone call centers; consumer services
SB1282 C unemployment benefits; disqualification
SB1283 C voter registration list; fee.
SB1284 C family leave insurance
SB1285 C legislative employment leave
SB1287 C tax refunds; taxpayer identity
SB1288 C insurance; automobile rates; zip codes
SB1289 C occupational safety; employee death; penalties
  (NOW: mortgage licenses; financial institutions department
SB1298 P* elections; voters' bill of rights.
SB1299 P* employer communications; religious; political beliefs
SB1303 C apprentices; state construction projects.
SB1304 C appropriation; department of corrections; salaries
SB1305 C disabled veterans' complimentary fishing licenses
SB1306 C CPS; confidential information.
SB1307 P emissions testing facility; appropriation
SB1324 C foster youth ombudsman
SB1334 P urban revenue sharing; small municipalities
SB1345 C identity theft; freezing consumer report
  (NOW: identity theft; freezing credit report
SB1348 C telecoil hearing aids; consumer information
SB1354 C tax credit; medical liability insurance
SB1355 C Goldwater range; concurrent jurisdiction
SB1373 C financial aid trust fund; appropriation
SB1374 C valley fever research; appropriation
SB1375 C appropriation; domestic violence intervention
SB1376 C appropriation; master teacher program
SB1377 C appropriation; office of tourism
SB1378 C appropriation; veterans' services
SB1379 C appropriation; dental services; long-term care
SB1380 C state highway fund bonds.
SB1381 C appropriation; commerce; economic development; commission
SB1382 C appropriation; greater Arizona development authority
SB1383 C appropriation; twenty-first century fund
SB1384 C appropriation; foreign direct investment program
SB1388 C appropriation; agricultural inspections
SB1389 C appropriation; construction college
SB1390 C appropriation; capitol mall
SB1391 C appropriations; state utility costs
SB1392 C border security programs; appropriation
SB1393 C appropriations; law enforcement; correctional; officers
SB1394 C appropriation; tribal drug prevention; treatment
SB1401 C appropriation; Medicare part D co-payments
SB1402 C water protection fund; appropriations
SB1403 C forensic unit; state hospital; appropriation
SB1404 C new school construction
SB1405 C AIMS; end-of-course testing
SB1406 C appropriations; university medical programs..
SB1407 C continuing teacher education; performance pay
SB1408 C appropriation; economic growth alliance
SB1410 C appropriation; methamphetamine treatment
SB1411 C appropriation; childcare licensure
SB1412 C early intervention autism treatment; appropriation
SB1413 C appropriation; ASH; full electronic records
SB1414 C Alzheimer's disease research; appropriation
SB1415 C master teacher program; appropriation
SB1416 C appropriation; immunizations
SB1417 C appropriation; math and science initiatives
SB1418 C appropriation; AzREADS program; audit
SB1436 C nutritional information; chain restaurants
SB1448 C appropriation; universities; retention
SB1456 C appropriation; Navajo juvenile detention center
SB1458 C appropriation; Navajo affairs investigation building
SB1459 C appropriation; Navajo emergency management building
SB1460 C appropriation; Navajo commercial office building
SB1462 C out-of-state students; admission
SB1463 C Native Americans; state parks
SB1464 C appropriation; Navajo technology system
SB1466 C appropriation; rural after school programs
SB1467 C appropriation; Navajo senior center
SB1472 C vehicle sales; cooling-off period
SB1473 C payday loans; military
SB1474 C long-term care insurance
SB1476 C appropriation; Navajo veterans building
SB1477 C tribal airports; state aviation fund
SB1478 C transportation board; Native American member
SB1479 C Native American tribes; revenue sharing.
SB1486 P appropriation; alternative energy research
SB1491 C air quality fund; reservations
SB1492 C lottery proceeds; university scholarships
SB1525 P performance pilot program; appropriation
SB1538 C transportation districts; transportation board membership
SB1539 C schools; rapid growth; capital plan
SB1540 C study committee; new school construction
SB1583 C appropriation; Navajo multipurpose building
SB1584 C vehicle restraint violations; enforcement.
SB1605 C caregiver services
  (NOW: DPS; injuries; industrial leave
See Vote
SB1606 P civil process service; fees
SB1619 C prisoners; restitution payments
SB1637 C Navajo multipurpose building; appropriation
SCR1005 C legislative candidates; drug test
SCR1008 P* business personal property tax exemption
SCR1010 P support commemorative postage stamp
SCR1013 C wage protection; voter approval
SCR1023 C centennial; UPS


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor