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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Leah Landrum Taylor

Leah Landrum Taylor

District 16

1700 W. Washington
Room 315
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3830
Fax Number: (602) 417-3148



Leah Landrum Taylor is an elected State Senator for District 16. Senator Landrum Taylor serves on the K-12 Education, Natural Resources and Rural Affairs and the Public Safety and Human Resources Committee. She has previously served on the House Ways and Means and Environment Committees as well as Adoption and Foster Care, Homelessness, Governor’s Brown Cloud Summit, and Federal Mandates committees during interim.

Leah is also an Alumna of American Council of Young Political Leaders, serves on the YMCA Youth Initiatives Board and is the Arizona Caucus chair for the National Black Caucus of State Legislators. She is also an Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow of Emerging Political Leaders in America and was recently featured on the cover of the Arizona Woman Magazine .

Senator Landrum Taylor attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University through the Fannie Mae Foundation with the focus on affordable housing. Landrum Taylor is well known for championing Foster Care and Adoption issues as well as Kinship Care Legislation.

Additionally, she is a founder and vice-president of the Landrum Foundation, a non-profit organization, designed to afford financial support and preparation for students throughout their post-secondary education. During her spare time she is an Adjunct Faculty Member for the Maricopa Community College. Leah is also the senior advisor for the Arizona Children’s Association.

Senator Landrum Taylor is a third generation native Phoenician, educated at Xavier College Preparatory and Arizona State University where she received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science.

Leah is happily married to Gregory Taylor, a mechanical engineer specializing in research and planning. They have one son, Greyson Elijah Taylor.


Committee Assignments
Education K-12 Member Click Here Click Here
Natural Resources and Rural Affairs Member Click Here Click Here
Public Safety and Human Services Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2099 C education programs; county jails; funding
HB2116 P big game permits; grandchildren
HB2117 P big game permits; transfers
HB2246 P employment security; appeals board
HB2247 P TANF; diversion program; sanctions
HB2249 P child support enforcement
HB2580 P employment discrimination; prohibition
HB2634 P African-American affairs; commission.
HB2644 P lobbyists; gift ban
HB2684 P state employees; living donor leave
HB2685 P rape victims; pregnancy prevention
HB2686 P speed limits; large vehicles
HB2688 P vehicle restraint violations; enforcement
HB2709 C solar thermal applications; study committee
HB2731 P teachers; minimum salary
HCM2007 P telecommunications; Native Americans
HCR2044 P health care decisions week
HCR2046 C equal rights amendment; ratification.
HCR2047 P Buffalo Soldiers recognition
SB1056 C marriage licenses; local court clerks
SB1071 P* technical correction; foster care
SB1072 P* technical correction; kinship care
SB1108 P* African-American affairs; commission
SB1109 P* automatic restoration of voting rights
SB1110 P* kinship foster care; grandparents; appropriation
SB1111 P* foster care; age limit; extension
SB1112 P* toxic fire response See Vote
SB1113 P* low water use landscaping; subdivisions
SB1133 C tribal community colleges; tax transfer
SB1134 P bad checks; classification
SB1135 P appropriation; economic development; rural; tribal
SB1136 P lottery monies; primary care facilities
SB1137 P appropriation; university student aid
SB1138 P appropriation; diabetes prevention
SB1139 P appropriation; youth employment and training
SB1141 P appropriation; mobile dentistry units
SB1142 P lottery monies; historic homes fund
SB1143 P appropriation; domestic violence shelters
SB1144 P appropriation; Arizona graduates program
SB1145 P small business loans
SB1146 P appropriation; utility assistance
SB1147 P sales and use tax holiday
SB1149 P appropriation; homeless services
SB1151 P income tax credit; diabetes expenses
SB1160 P universities; tuition adjustments; inflation
SB1173 C health care businesses; consumer information
SB1174 C insurance; mental health coverage; parity.
SB1190 P* integrated family court; court orders
SB1191 P* retail sales; proximity to schools
SB1192 P appropriation; code talkers monument
SB1288 P insurance; automobile rates; zip codes
SB1303 P apprentices; state construction projects.
SB1304 P appropriation; department of corrections; salaries
SB1305 P disabled veterans' complimentary fishing licenses
SB1306 P CPS; confidential information.
SB1307 P emissions testing facility; appropriation
SB1324 P* foster youth ombudsman
SB1345 P identity theft; freezing consumer report
  (NOW: identity theft; freezing credit report
SB1354 P tax credit; medical liability insurance
SB1355 P Goldwater range; concurrent jurisdiction
SB1447 C AHCCCS; outlier reimbursements
SB1449 C children's health insurance; co-payments; premiums
SB1454 C publicly financed buildings; energy standards
SB1457 P appropriation; Navajo Dilkon courthouse.
SB1468 C sentencing; misdemeanors involving hate.
SB1470 C pharmacists; duty to fill prescriptions
SB1473 P payday loans; military
SB1474 P long-term care insurance
SB1479 P Native American tribes; revenue sharing.
SB1484 P sex offenders; probation; terms
SB1485 C driver licensees; traffic school
SB1486 P appropriation; alternative energy research
SB1489 P teachers; mortgage assistance
SB1521 P elections; write-in deadline
  (NOW: process servers; mileage fees
SB1558 P appropriations; university medical programs.
SB1573 P appropriation; methamphetamine prevention
SB1575 P water adequacy amendments
SB1577 P water supply development revolving fund.
SB1638 P well impacts; groundwater contamination
SCR1007 P property valuations; elderly income limits
SCR1008 P business personal property tax exemption
SCR1010 P support commemorative postage stamp
SCR1019 P equal rights amendment; ratification
SCR1029 P The Honorable Jeff Groscost
SM1007 P cross-border trucking pilot program


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor