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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-second Legislature - First Regular Session
  Kate Brophy McGee

Kate Brophy McGee

District 28

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 304
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-4486
Fax Number: (602) 417-3170

Personal Information:
Home City: Phoenix
Occupation: Community Leader
Member Since: 2011
Representative Kate Brophy McGee is serving her third term in the Arizona House of Representatives, representing Legislative District 28. The district includes North Central Phoenix, Biltmore, Arcadia and the Town of Paradise Valley.

Representative Brophy McGee is a third generation Arizonan, born into a ranching family and raised in southern Arizona. She graduated from the University of Arizona and worked as a community banker lending to small businesses. She saw firsthand how hard business owners work to create the jobs that drive Arizona’s economy.

Representative Brophy McGee married her husband, Bob McGee, 30 years ago, and they have lived in their North Central/Sunnyslope neighborhood ever since. All three of their sons attended Phoenix public schools and graduated from Sunnyslope High School. Her oldest son is a graduate of the University of Arizona Law School and is an attorney in Phoenix. Her middle son is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and her youngest son is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Both the younger sons are planning on attending graduate school.

Representative Brophy McGee is Chairman of the House Banking & Financial Services Committee and Vice Chairman of the House Children & Family Affairs Committee. Representative Brophy McGee serves as the co-chair of the Joint Legislative Child Protective Services Oversight Committee. She is a member of the Child Help Arizona Board and the Flinn Foundation’s Bio Sciences Roadmap Steering Committee.

Following the discovery of over 6,000 cases of child abuse that went uninvestigated by Child Protective Services, Representative Brophy McGee was tapped to serve on key gubernatorial and legislative committees tasked with reforming the troubled agency. She sponsored the legislation establishing the Department of Child Safety as a stand-alone agency during an historic May, 2014 Special Session of the legislature.

Prior to her election to the legislature, Representative Brophy McGee served nearly a decade on the Washington Elementary School Board, including four terms as Board President. She also served six years on the Arizona School Facilities Board, including one term as Chairman. She continues her many community-based volunteer activities in addition to her legislative duties.

As a mother, banker and community leader, Representative Brophy McGee is committed to working patiently and persistently with her constituents, colleagues and Arizona’s leaders to make our great state even better.


Committee Assignments
Banking and Financial Services Chairman Click Here Click Here
Children and Family Affairs Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2021 P* adult protective services; information online See Vote
HB2022 P* technical correction; home health agencies
  (NOW: tuition waiver scholarship; university; revisions
HB2023 P* state parks board; technical correction
HB2024 P* technical correction; health services; fees
  (NOW: child safety oversight committee; continuation
HB2025 P* technical correction; attorney general opinions
HB2026 P* bank deposits; technical correction
HB2027 P* technical correction; open pit mining
HB2028 P* technical correction; state buildings; defibrillators
HB2029 P* technical correction; Arbor day
HB2030 P* technical correction; bingo license; transfer
HB2031 P* technical correction; notaries public; conduct
HB2096 P* board of appraisal; complaints; disclosure
HB2097 P* loan originators; advance fee loans
HB2098 P* department of child safety See Vote
HB2099 P* adoption; definitions; agency records
HB2100 P* DCS employee personal information; confidentiality See Vote
HB2101 P* tribal social services agencies; information
HB2102 P* children; chronic illness; physical disability
HB2157 C Native Americans; delayed birth certificates
HB2162 C fire suppression; federal reimbursement.
  (NOW: rural fire district study committee
See Vote
HB2166 P* DCS information; egregious abuse; neglect See Vote
HB2167 P* appropriation; client services trust fund
HB2168 P* public agency pooling; unemployment insurance
HB2169 P* loan originator licensing
HB2170 P* lifespan respite care program; appropriation
HB2171 P* lifespan respite care; program termination
HB2172 P* motor vehicle liability insurance requirements
HB2213 C inspections; audits; notice; rights See Vote
HB2217 P job training fund; vocational rehabilitation
HB2275 C income tax form; Alzheimer's research
HB2323 C Arizona job finance bonds
  (NOW: industrial development authority; projects
HB2373 P* AHCCCS; orthotics
HB2374 P* wrongful death actions; disqualified party
HB2375 P* preliminary protective hearings; review hearings
HB2426 P additional classroom time for kindergartners.
HB2488 C housing assistance; seriously mentally ill See Vote
HB2490 C sexually violent persons; reimbursement; repeal
HB2491 C hospitals; community health centers; transactions
HB2492 P AHCCCS coverage; ALTCS; medical services
HB2493 P indoor tanning; minors; restricted use
HB2494 P colorectal cancer; screening; treatment
HB2495 P medically underserved areas; loan repayment
HB2499 P DHS; prevention education grants; appropriations
HB2517 P internet crimes against children; fund See Vote
HB2553 C human trafficking victim; vacating conviction
  (NOW: sex trafficking victim; vacating conviction
See Vote
HB2574 C ADE; appropriation; geographic literacy
HB2592 C justice of the peace; residency
HB2640 P* dependency; households; domestic violence
HCR2034 P* financial literacy month
HR2005 P death resolution; Officer Tyler Stewart
SB1068 P additional classroom time for kindergartners
SCR1010 P Senator Chester Crandell; death resolution
SCR1019 P commending Israel
SCR1020 P Mayor John Driggs; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor