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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-seventh Legislature - First Regular Session
  Bill Brotherton

Bill Brotherton

District 14

1700 W. Washington
Room 311
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-4485
Fax Number: (602) 926-3429


Personal Information:

Home City:Phoenix
Member Since:
March 23, 1998

At a time when Arizona is experiencing unprecedented growth, Bill proudly wears his native badge as a third-generation Arizonan. At an early age Bill’s grandfather, Charlie Thomas, instilled in him a keen understanding of fulfilling a family pledge to public service. Charlie was the Chief of Police for Phoenix for over a decade. Bill hopes to pass this family tradition on to his two children: Billy, age 13 and Bianca, age 8. He and his wife, Uta, have been married for 19 years.

As a child growing up, Bill and his family lived in the Central Phoenix area where he attended school in the Osborn School District. Before his freshman year his family moved into the Glendale Union High School District where Bill attended Cortez High School. Bill played football all four years in addition to his studies. He graduated in 1980.

When Bill is not at the Legislature or working at his law firm, he spends most of his time with his family. Bill enjoys his role as father and is easily recognized on the campus of his children’s school. One of his favorite pastimes is coaching his kids’ Little League and flag football teams.

University of Arizona, College of Law
J.D., May 1987

Grand Canyon University
B.A. (History), May 1984

O’Steen and Harrison, 1992-present
Bresnehan, Gentile and Shriver, 1991-1992
Maricopa County Public Defender, 1988-1991

Arizona State Senate, 2003- Present
Arizona State Representative, District 20, 1998-2003
Chairman of District 17 Democrats, 1993-1994
Chairman of District 16 Democrats, 1990-1992
Intern, British House of Commons, 1985
Intern, Arizona House of Representatives 1984

Arizona State Bar
U.S. District Court Bar for Arizona
Governing Board of Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal)
Board of Trustees, Grand Canyon University 2003-2004
Board of Trustees, Grand Canyon University Institute of Advanced Studies
Board of Directors, Maricopa County Democratic Nucleus Club
2002 Freedom of Information Award, Arizona Newspaper Association
Ex Officio Member of WESTMARC
Past President, Trends 84 Homeowners Association
Former member Board of Directors and Chairman of Fundraising Committee, Grand Canyon Alumni Association

Little League and flag football Coach
Snow Skiing
Family Activities


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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2243 P maternity; paternity; proceedings
HB2248 P orders; recording requirements; paternity registry
HB2249 P support payments; electronic transfers
  (NOW: child support; disabilities; paternity
HB2489 P animal fighting
HB2517 P appropriation; project GITEM
HB2526 C breast cancer special plates
HB2527 P child support; children with disabilities
HB2530 P unauthorized assembly of vehicles; penalty
HB2553 P vehicles; brake devices; muffler requirements
HB2615 C cervical cancer study committee
HB2641 C appropriation; teachers; retirement contributions
HB2643 C lower Colorado river multispecies conservation
HB2685 P insurance; mental health coverage; parity
HB2704 C employment discrimination; prohibition
HB2710 C domestic partnerships; responsibilities and benefits
HCM2007 C CAP water priority
HCR2041 C Ronald Reagan; death resolution
HCR2049 C domestic partnerships; responsibilities; benefits; resolution
HCR2063 P Honorable James Sedillo
HR2002 C Lalo Guerrero death resolution
SB1035 P Rosenbaum archives building; appropriation
SB1039 C federal peace officers; cross-certification
SB1045 P child custody; recodification
SB1047 P community restitution See Vote
SB1049 P bad checks; classification
SB1069 P AIMS test; graduation requirement; prohibition
SB1113 P search warrants; execution
SB1149 P* victims' rights; criminal offense definition
SB1150 P* victims' rights; postconviction notice
SB1151 P* criminal restitution orders
SB1152 P* victims' rights; restitution; notice; fee
SB1153 P* personnel files; right to copies
SB1173 P* insurance claims; interpretation changes; notice
SB1174 P* dram shop insurance; liquor licensees
SB1175 P* victims' rights; sentencing
SB1201 C municipal tax incentives; prohibition; penalty
  (NOW: fireworks; definitions
See Vote
SB1209 P* public employees; collective bargaining.
SB1210 C identity theft.
SB1211 P* sex assault of a spouse
SB1214 P commercial nuclear generating stations; security
SB1230 P* right to copies; personnel files
SB1234 P uniform commercial code; amendments
SB1258 P* elections; mail-in ballot
SB1259 P* vote by mail; permanent list
SB1260 P* telephone call centers; consumer rights
SB1261 P* filing fees; indigent legal services
SB1265 C Arizona silver haired legislature
SB1266 C outsourcing; state service positions; prohibition
SB1267 P* juvenile victims' rights; statement
SB1268 P* private prisons; capacity; notice
SB1289 C stranger danger; K-8 curriculum
SB1290 C HOV lanes; hybrid vehicles
SB1291 P firearm sales; background checks; shows
SB1301 P emancipation of minors.
SB1319 P state employees; salary plan
SB1320 P state salary adjustment; appropriation
SB1343 P uniform arbitration act
SB1371 C earned release credits; rate earned
SB1372 C human trafficking violations
SB1375 P aggravated assault; law enforcement officers
  (NOW: reverse deferred retirement option; PSPRS
See Vote
SB1376 P victim compensation fund; subrogation
SB1381 P* spousal maintenance; tax refund; setoff
SB1391 P* vehicle certificates of title; beneficiary
SB1418 P law enforcement officers; due process
SB1426 C ASRS; spousal consent
  (NOW: overtime pay; CORP
See Vote
SB1428 C ASRS; optional forms of retirement
SB1431 P victims' rights; statement of rights.
SB1440 P labor organizations; nonunion employees; representation.
SB1441 P insurance; mental health coverage
SB1442 C health care businesses; consumer information.
SB1450 C tribal courts
SB1451 C minimum wages.
SB1452 C air quality fund; reservations
SB1453 C transportation board; Native American member
SB1479 P use tax declaration
SB1480 P sexual assault victims; pregnancy prevention.
SB1484 P vehicle restraint violations; enforcement
SCR1008 C auditor general; reappointment
SCR1013 P* justices and judges; retirement age
SCR1018 P* legislative candidates; AIMS test
SCR1031 C opposing the patriot act
SCR1037 C state minimum wage.
SM1002 P* employee free choice act.
SR1001 P death resolution; Pope John Paul II


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor