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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Linda Gray

Linda Gray

District 10

1700 W. Washington
Room 309
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3376
Fax Number: (602) 417-3253


Personal Information:

Home City:Phoenix
Note-reader Scopist
Member Since: 1997

Widely acknowledged as one of the Legislature’s foremost experts on education and family policy, State Senator Linda Gray is entering her twelfth year as a state lawmaker from District 10, representing a large portion of the Northwest Valley.

Senator Gray is Chairwoman of the Senate’s Public Safety and Human Services Committee and Vice Chair of the Education K-12 Committee. She also serves on the Senate Higher Education and Government committees.

Born in St. Charles, Missouri, Senator Gray earned degrees in recreation administration and sociology from the University of Northern Colorado.

The mother of two children, Larry Jr. and Michelle, Senator Gray has served as a community activist, volunteer, and elected official. In addition to her work as a lawmaker, Mrs. Gray served on the Washington Elementary School Board and as a Precinct Committeeman for the District 10 Republican Party.

She also worked with the Angel Tree Project, which assists children whose parents are incarcerated, and volunteers in her Church’s nursery program.

She has frequently received the Making a Difference Award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for her legislative efforts to strengthen Arizona’s DUI laws. Senator Gray is well known as the champion of stronger DUI legislation. She sponsored the extreme DUI bill that lowered the state’s extreme DUI level from .18 to .15. Both changes have been hailed by public safety advocates in Arizona and nationwide.

Also, Senator Gray is a strong advocate of parental choice in education, fighting to strengthen Arizona’s school choice laws and charter school system. In 2005, Senator Gray sponsored the School District Unification bill that will enable voters to decide in 2008 whether their school district will be a k-12 district.

Despite her numerous professional accomplishments, Mrs. Gray’s family continues to be her proudest achievement. Together with her husband of more than 20 years, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and hiking.


Committee Assignments
Education K-12 Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Government Member Click Here Click Here
Higher Education Member Click Here Click Here
Public Safety and Human Services Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2116 C big game permits; grandchildren
HB2117 C big game permits; transfers
HB2212 P sibling information exchange program
HB2241 P school facilities; renovation report
  (NOW: renovation; school facilities
HB2242 P school facilities board; project managers
HB2246 P employment security; appeals board
HB2247 P TANF; diversion program; sanctions
HB2249 P child support enforcement
HB2318 P minimum wage; disabled employees
HB2394 P school tax credits; contribution date
HB2402 P tax credits; withholding tax reduction
HB2451 C organizational rights; employee organizations
HB2457 P firearms; peace officers
HB2458 P emergency; confiscation of firearms; prohibition
HB2459 P debt reduction fund; appropriations
HB2460 C valid identification; consular cards; prohibition
HB2461 P law enforcement cooperation; immigration
HB2462 P jurors; regional judicial districts
HB2465 P archives building; purchase of property
HB2466 P vehicle title; registration; legal presence
HB2467 C licensing eligibility; lawful presence; verification
  (NOW: public programs; eligibility
HB2468 P schools; flag size
HB2469 P concealed weapons; petty offense
HB2472 C justices of the peace; jurisdiction
HB2473 P border technology; appropriations; implementation
HB2474 C justice courts; concurrent jurisdiction limits
  (NOW: capitol police compensation
HB2475 C traffic violations; prove legal presence
  (NOW: legal presence; traffic violations
HB2493 C energy production; tax credits
HB2627 P income tax deadlines
  (NOW: prime contracting; property owners
HB2635 P deployed military; custodial rights
  (NOW: custodial rights; deployed military
HB2641 C parental consent; abortion
HB2714 P teacher certification; proficiency exam reciprocity
HB2715 P teachers; certification reciprocity
HB2716 C identity theft; factual innocence
HB2730 P DUI; ignition interlock device
HB2751 C immigration law; appropriation
HB2752 C illegal aliens; domestic terrorism
HB2764 C precinct committeemen; members
HB2779 C fair and legal employment act See Vote
HCM2005 P illegal aliens; children; noncitizenship status
HCR2021 P border technology; appropriations
HCR2022 C illegal alien trespass
HCR2023 P marriage
HCR2024 P emergency; confiscation of firearms; prohibition
HCR2049 C immigration enforcement
HCR2050 P fallen soldiers; unauthorized use
HCR2051 C fair and legal employment; referendum
HJR2001 C Lower Colorado basin; forbearance authority.
SB1045 P* fingerprint clearance cards See Vote
SB1046 P* schools; governing boards; questionnaire
  (NOW: school governing board; candidate statement
See Vote
SB1047 P* private investigator licensing; exemption
  (NOW: exemption; private investigators
See Vote
SB1048 P* jury duty exemption; cognitive disability
SB1066 P legislative candidates; drug test
SB1067 P* unorganized territories; joining school districts
SB1068 P* schools; dual enrollment reforms
  (NOW: dual enrollment reforms; community colleges
See Vote
SB1069 P* postsecondary education grants; implementation See Vote
SB1073 P* deferred annuities; cash surrender; payment
SB1076 P* pedestrian control signals
SB1107 C forcible entry and detainer; judgments
  (NOW: health insurance; mandates; certain exclusions
SB1125 P* state personnel rules; peace officers
SB1129 P* DPS; officer organizations; elections.
SB1163 P* schools; adult education fees.
SB1164 P* schools; hours of instruction.
  (NOW: school redistricting commission; unification
See Vote
SB1165 P* charter school funding; equalization.
SB1166 P* jury duty exemption; cognitive disability
  (NOW: applicability; self-defense
See Vote
SB1188 P clean elections; publicly funded elections
SB1192 P appropriation; code talkers monument
SB1222 P* adoption subsidies
  (NOW: criminal street gangs; membership; sentencing
See Vote
SB1223 P* records redaction; officials; officers
  (NOW: special plates; initial dates; elimination
See Vote
SB1224 P* teacher and classroom level data.
SB1250 P concealed weapons permit; renewal.
SB1251 P deadly weapons; storage See Vote
SB1264 P* appropriation; independent living; visually impaired
SB1265 P* VOIP service; emergency telecommunication services
  (NOW: bailable offenses; illegal immigration
See Vote
SB1266 P* beer kegs; registration
SB1301 P misconduct involving weapons; exception. See Vote
SB1302 P* self-defense; home protection; applicability
SB1309 C CORP; disability retirements
SB1325 P* vehicle emissions inspections; motorcycles
SB1362 P* character education program; revisions
SB1363 P* community colleges; international travel; moratorium
SB1364 P* liquor; underage persons; penalties
SB1365 P* technical correction; adoption
SB1445 P sale of products; committed youths
SB1485 C driver licensees; traffic school
SB1503 P* appropriation; standards-referenced education portal
SB1504 P* chiropractors; copayments
SB1547 P* organized retail theft task force See Vote
SB1563 P* appropriation; discipline; risk management training
SB1582 P* DUI; treatment; ignition interlock device
  (NOW: DUI; treatment; continuous alcohol monitoring
SB1604 P major event reimbursement fund
SB1611 P postsecondary institution loan commission
SB1612 C teachers; instructors; prohibited activity
SB1629 P misconduct involving weapons; classification. See Vote
SB1631 C appropriation; charter schools stimulus fund
SB1632 C charter schools; sponsorship
SB1633 P charter schools; transfer of credits See Vote
SCR1005 P legislative candidates; drug test
SCR1010 P support commemorative postage stamp
SCR1015 C referenda and initiatives; legislative restrictions
SCR1016 P* ballot measures; out-of-state funding
SCR1023 P centennial; UPS
SCR1024 P school district expenditures; authorization.
SCR1029 P The Honorable Jeff Groscost


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor