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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-third Legislature - First Regular Session
  Sylvia Allen

Sylvia Allen

District 6

1700 W. Washington
Room 303
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5409
Fax Number: (602)

Personal Information:
Home City: Snowflake
Occupation: Real Estate
Member Since: 2008-2012, 2015
  • 1980-1990, State Vice President, AZ Eagle Forum
  • 1991-1994, President Rim Chapter People for the West
  • 1993 – 2008, Director of PFW Players & Youth for America
  • 1994-2000, Southwest Field Director, People for the West/USA
  • 2003, Desert Southwest Coordinator – Project Protect-Healthy Forest Restoration Act
  • 2000 – 2005,  Navajo Country Republican Chairman
  • 2000-06, President of Freedom for America League
  • 2003-06, Board Member, Mogollon Medical Foundation
  • In September 2005 Sylvia became a Real Estate Agent and works for Integrity Realty until 2008.
  • June 2008 Appointed to Arizona Senate
  • November 2008 Elected to Arizona Senate
  • 2012-2014 Board Member to and served on Navajo County Board of Supervisors
  • 2012-2014 President, Coalition of Arizona/New Mexico Counties
  • November 2014 Elected to Arizona Senate
She has had articles published in the Pine Graphic, Pioneer Newspaper, People for the West/USA Newspaper, and eco.logic Powerhouse.

Born in Arizona with family roots in the White Mountains. She is a resident of Snowflake. 

Married to Richard Allen, they have 5 married children and 19 grandchildren. 


Committee Assignments
Appropriations Member Click Here Click Here
Education Chairman Click Here Click Here
Natural Resources, Energy and Water Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2202 C schools; dyslexia; handbook; definition See Vote
HB2226 C compact; balanced budget; convention
HB2252 C rural school employees; tuition waiver
HB2253 C state veterinarian; animal identification; appropriation
HB2385 C schools; accounting; budgeting; reporting
HCR2013 C convention; balanced federal budget
SB1020 C contractors; qualifying party experience; bonds
SB1034 P* appropriation; teacher student loan program
SB1035 P* technical correction; building codes
SB1036 P* charter schools; rulemaking exemption See Vote
SB1037 P* special education; audit; cost study
SB1038 P* teachers; professional development; pilot program
SB1039 P* teachers; alternative certification application
SB1040 P* Arizona teachers; student loan program
SB1041 P* transfer credits; Arizona online instruction
SB1042 P* teacher certification; reciprocity See Vote
SB1043 P* false claims; agriculture; technical correction
SB1044 P* fiduciary funds; deposits; technical correction
SB1054 C traffic accidents; fatality; implied consent
SB1061 P* universities; tuition; rates; fees
SB1062 C property tax oversight commission; continuation
SB1097 P* state lottery distributions; family homelessness
SB1098 P* schools; statewide assessment See Vote
SB1099 C school safety program See Vote
SB1129 C electric nonprofit cooperatives; patronage capital
SB1131 P* schools; K-3 reading program See Vote
SB1171 P* earned release credits; sentence
SB1180 C bingo establishments; ADA compliance See Vote
SB1181 C native American veterans; tax settlement.
SB1189 C state budget; estimates; notice
SB1206 P* teachers; short-term certificates; dismissals
SB1207 P* advanced certification; assessor personnel; compensation
SB1278 C felony pretrial intervention programs; appropriation See Vote
SB1279 C special sentencing provisions; unlawful presence
SB1281 C empowerment scholarship accounts; revisions
SB1287 C securities; registration exemptions
SB1288 C homeowners' associations; board conflicts
SB1289 C homeowners' associations; hearings; attorney fees
SB1292 C Arizona competes fund; microenterprises See Vote
SB1293 C private vocational program license; exemption
SB1295 C funeral directors; embalmers; board membership
SB1296 C funeral director licensure
SB1314 P* schools; student data privacy See Vote
SB1315 P* legal decision-making; parenting time
SB1316 P* jail districts; maintenance of effort See Vote
SB1317 P* schools; specially designed instruction See Vote
SB1328 P* election proclamation; board clerk
SB1329 P* fire flow requirements; rural applicability
SB1330 P* fire districts; pension fund; transfer
SB1344 C firearms; state preemption; independent contractors
  (NOW: firearms; state preemption; employees
SB1366 C peace officer; victim; aggravating factor See Vote
SB1367 C abortion; live delivery; report; definition See Vote
SB1368 P* newborn screening; fees
SB1376 C compact; prosperity districts
SB1400 C homeowners' associations; assessment liens; foreclosure
SB1429 C homeowners' associations; electronic records; fees
SB1431 C empowerment scholarships; expansion; phase-in
SB1439 C end-of-life; discrimination; prohibition
SB1440 C AHCCCS; clinical oversight committee
SB1441 C insurers; health providers; claims mediation
  (NOW: insurers; health providers; claims arbitration
See Vote
SB1442 C corrections officer retirement plan; modifications
  (NOW: modifications; corrections officer retirement plan
See Vote
SB1443 C veterans' donations fund; tax credit
SB1444 C income tax subtraction; military retirement
SB1456 P* land subdivision; exceptions; children; grandchildren
SCM1002 C division; ninth circuit; urging Congress
SCR1002 C application; Article V convention.
SCR1004 C death resolution; Gus Arzberger
SCR1005 C death resolution; George Lemen
SCR1006 C death resolution; M. Lee Allison
SCR1007 C death resolution; John Hays
SCR1008 C death resolution; Rick Lavis
SCR1020 C death resolution; Marian Lupu
SCR1026 C civics education; Arizona schools
SCR1034 C death resolution; Eleanor Ann Day


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor