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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Carolyn S. Allen

Carolyn S. Allen

District 8

1700 W. Washington
Room 303
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-4480
Fax Number: (602) 417-3155


Personal Information:

Home City: Scottsdale
Member Since:


Committee Assignments
Appropriations Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Commerce and Economic Development Member Click Here Click Here
Health Chairman Click Here Click Here
Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Welfare Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2114 P AHCCCS; chiropractic services
HB2115 P professions; disciplinary action; continuing education
HB2125 P county medical examiners
HB2155 P prescriptions; emergencies
HB2156 P folic acid information; appropriation
HB2322 P motion picture tax credit; accountability
  (NOW: tax credit accountability; motion picture
HB2515 C hearing aid dispensers; continuing education
  (NOW: municipal sales tax incentives; prohibition
HB2538 C sales tax exemption; nonprofit housing
HB2541 P insurance; mental health coverage; parity
HB2580 P employment discrimination; prohibition
HB2685 P rape victims; pregnancy prevention
HB2764 C precinct committeemen; members
HCM2008 C urge protection; Kofa herd
SB1032 P* burden of proof; emergency treatment
SB1098 P* insurance; wellness programs; discriminatory practices
SB1099 P* revised uniform anatomical gift act See Vote
SB1100 P* registered nurse practitioners; authority See Vote
SB1111 C foster care; age limit; extension
SB1112 C toxic fire response See Vote
SB1113 C low water use landscaping; subdivisions
SB1122 P* technical correction; food standards
  (NOW: unorganized territory; school district annexation
See Vote
SB1123 P* technical correction; hearing
  (NOW: health care district monies
See Vote
SB1124 P* technical correction; hearing aid dispensers
SB1162 P* minimum wage; disabled employees.
SB1180 C no child left behind; option
SB1188 P clean elections; publicly funded elections
SB1189 P* technical correction; ambulances
SB1205 P* birth certificates; delayed registration
SB1234 C schools; transportation funding.
SB1290 P adult immunization reporting system
SB1307 C emissions testing facility; appropriation
SB1314 P* rates; child care assistance
SB1315 P* nursing care administrators; fees
SB1316 P* nursing homes; fingerprinting
  (NOW: DEMA employees; nursing homes; fingerprinting
See Vote
SB1317 P* lifespan respite care program
SB1318 P* workers' compensation; benefit amount; increase
SB1319 P* clean elections; expenditures; invoices; reporting
SB1351 P bond issues; health facilities authority See Vote
SB1354 C tax credit; medical liability insurance
SB1367 P* raw milk
SB1440 P* AHCCCS; health insurance; children
SB1451 P interstate agreement; national popular vote.
SB1455 P* low sulfur diesel fuel standards See Vote
SB1468 C sentencing; misdemeanors involving hate.
SB1470 P pharmacists; duty to fill prescriptions
SB1474 C long-term care insurance
SB1475 P AHCCCS; graduate medical expenses
SB1529 C optometry; use of pharmaceutical agents
SB1531 P* vehicle emissions inspection; sunset extension See Vote
SB1532 P* tax credit; long-term care insurance
SB1533 P* AHCCCS; insurer claims data reporting
SB1534 P* uniform environmental covenants act
SB1552 P* air quality program See Vote
SB1558 P* appropriations; university medical programs.
SB1559 P medical imaging equipment; services; self-referrals
SB1560 P AHCCCS; healthcare group; waiting period.
SB1561 P AHCCCS; physician recruitment fund
SB1565 C state forester; community protection initiative
SB1567 P pseudoephedrine
SB1603 P air quality measures; tax credit
SB1606 P civil process service; fees
SB1628 C youthful sex offenders; treatment See Vote
SCR1015 P referenda and initiatives; legislative restrictions
SCR1023 C centennial; UPS
SCR1029 C The Honorable Jeff Groscost


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor