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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Paula Aboud

Paula Aboud

District 28

1700 W. Washington
Room 314
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5262
Fax Number: (602) 926-3429


Personal Information:

Home City: Tucson
Occupation: Semi-Retired; property manager
Member Since: January 9, 2006


Legislative Achievements:
I was appointed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors to fill the Legislative District 28 Senate seat vacated in December 2005. As an appointed senator in 2006, I served on 3 standing committees, including (a) Appropriations, (b) Commerce and Economic Development and (c) Government Accountability and Reform. In November 2006, I was elected to serve a 2-year term (2007-2008). I am presently serving on 3 standing committees, including (a) Appropriations, (b) Higher Education and (c) Health.

I am presently serving on 2 statutory committees, including (a) Joint Legislative Budget Committee and (b) Joint Captal Review Committee. Additionally, I am serving on 4 interim committees, including the (a) Joint Ad Hoc Task Force on Higher Education Reform, (b) Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Residual Contamination of Drug Properties, (c) Domestic Relations Committee, and (d) Education Commission on the States.


I graduated from Tucson High School and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Arizona with a major in English and a minor in Physical Education. Upon completion of master-level education courses, I received a Certificate of Teaching for secondary education from the Arizona Department of Education. Subsequently, I became a licensed real estate agent in Arizona. I further pursued education and training in mediation through the American Arbitration Association and became a Life Coach through the Coaches Training Institute of Berkeley, California.


Professional Experience:
I taught freshman and sophomore English at Rincon High School in Tucson, Arizona for 7 years while coaching the state champion volleyball teams and the girls’ tennis teams. Desiring to pursue another professional career, I became a licensed real estate agent in Arizona and specialized in marketing residental properties for 5 years. Presented with another opportunity in coaching, I relocated to the State of Maine to assume duties as Director of the Racquets Program at Colby College in Watterville, Maine while coaching the Women’s Varsity Tennis team as well as the Women’s Varsity Squash team for 7 years; additionally, I created and instructed the Women in Sports class at Colby. Returning to Arizona as the property manager for a family-owned business in Tucson, I am currently responsible for the operation of this small business.


Political Experience:
In the community of Tucson, I am involved in the Richland Heights West Neighborhood, having served as a board member and currently serving as Chair of the Transportation Committee. I co-founded the Ward III Neighbors-Ward III Neighborhood Coalition organization having served as a board member and a Ward III candidate for the Tucson City Council. I rebuilt the Democrats of Greater Tucson organization and served as President. I strongly campaigned for the City of Tucson, Ward III City Council seat and I am an active member of the Southern Arizona Stonewall Democrats. I am a strong advocate for civil rights.


In Pima County, I served in various leadership capacities for both the Pima County Democratic Party and the Arizona Legislative District 28 Precinct. I created and co-founded a 5-year strategic plan for the Pima County Democrats. I also actively worked on the 2004 U.S. Presidential Campaign, coordinating and directing volunteer phone banks, the walk program, the bumper sticker/button campaign and voter registration events.


Community and Professional Affiliations:
I am a member of the (a) Women’s Political Caucus, (b) Richland Heights Neighborhood, (c) Ward III Neighbors, (d) Southern Arizona Stonewall Democrats, (e) Democrats of Greater Tucson; a volunteer for Wingspan; and a mediator of Our Town Family Services.


Skills and Training that Paula brings to the Legislature:
As a graduate of the University of Arizona and a third-generation Tucson resident, I am committed to improving the quality of life for Arizona residents and especially for Southern Arizona. I bring a strong and superb record of public service in Pima County. I have worked tirelessly to build a strong Democratic Party organization, to engage and inspire individuals to become active in the political process, and to promote the Democratic message of hope and equality, I have been told that my significant contributions are admired and appreciated by party leaders, grassroots activists and elected officials across Arizona. I believe those significant contributions have been greatly enhanced by my skills in teaching, athletic coaching, mediation, life coaching, supervision, volunteer coordination, small business management, large group facilitation and substance abuse facilitation. Along with those skills, my passions and interests include politics, community building, reading, languages, self-empowerment, home building, women’s issues and the issues affecting children, family and the elderly.


Committee Assignments
Appropriations Member Click Here Click Here
Health Member Click Here Click Here
Higher Education Member Click Here Click Here
Appropriations Subcommittee on Education and Natural Resources Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2306 C feral honeybees; public nuisance
HB2308 C appropriations; border county costs
HB2328 C county graffiti abatement
HB2339 C peace officers' training fund
HB2340 C inmate labor; compensation
HB2342 C unlawful sexual conduct involving prisoners
HB2451 C organizational rights; employee organizations
HB2494 P energy; water; savings loan fund
HB2495 P schools; energy performance standards
HB2496 P schools; energy and water savings
  (NOW: schools; energy and water efficiency
HB2497 P public buildings; energy savings goals
HB2608 C dental practices; ownership
  (NOW: dentistry; disciplinary action
HB2638 P local energy plans
HB2644 P lobbyists; gift ban
HB2676 C tobacco products; storage and display
HB2677 C state health plan
HB2681 C utility assistance; qualified fuel fund
HB2684 P state employees; living donor leave
HB2685 P rape victims; pregnancy prevention
HB2686 P speed limits; large vehicles
HB2687 P rates; child care assistance
HB2688 C vehicle restraint violations; enforcement
HB2709 P solar thermal applications; study committee
HB2730 C DUI; ignition interlock device
HB2731 P teachers; minimum salary
HB2764 P precinct committeemen; members
HCM2007 C telecommunications; Native Americans
HCR2041 C military bases; expressing support
HCR2044 P health care decisions week
HCR2046 P equal rights amendment; ratification.
SB1133 C tribal community colleges; tax transfer
SB1134 C bad checks; classification
SB1192 C appropriation; code talkers monument
SB1225 C military family relief fund
SB1234 C schools; transportation funding.
SB1287 C tax refunds; taxpayer identity
SB1288 C insurance; automobile rates; zip codes
SB1289 P occupational safety; employee death; penalties
  (NOW: mortgage licenses; financial institutions department
SB1322 C DPS employees; university tuition waiver
SB1345 C identity theft; freezing consumer report
  (NOW: identity theft; freezing credit report
SB1347 C teenage driver safety act
SB1354 C tax credit; medical liability insurance
SB1355 C Goldwater range; concurrent jurisdiction
SB1385 P* appropriation; human papillomavirus vaccine
SB1386 P* appropriations; integrated tax system
SB1387 P* appropriation; supplemental food program
SB1395 P* appropriation; hospice care
SB1396 P* appropriation; adult dental services
SB1397 P* appropriation; children's healthcare initiative
SB1398 P* appropriation; graduate medical education
SB1399 P* appropriation; health insurance; parents
SB1400 P* appropriation; developmental status evaluations
SB1418 P* appropriation; AzREADS program; audit
SB1436 C nutritional information; chain restaurants
SB1437 C appropriation; vaccines
SB1447 P* AHCCCS; outlier reimbursements
SB1448 P* appropriation; universities; retention
SB1449 P* children's health insurance; co-payments; premiums
SB1450 P* children's health insurance; parents; premiums
SB1451 P* interstate agreement; national popular vote.
SB1452 P* harassment; applicability
SB1453 P* animal fighting
SB1454 P* publicly financed buildings; energy standards
SB1466 C appropriation; rural after school programs
SB1467 C appropriation; Navajo senior center
SB1468 P sentencing; misdemeanors involving hate.
SB1469 P* marriage license fees; domestic violence
SB1470 P* pharmacists; duty to fill prescriptions
SB1471 P* accidents; injured animals; leaving scene
SB1472 P vehicle sales; cooling-off period
SB1473 P payday loans; military
SB1474 P long-term care insurance
SB1475 P AHCCCS; graduate medical expenses
SB1476 C appropriation; Navajo veterans building
SB1477 C tribal airports; state aviation fund
SB1479 C Native American tribes; revenue sharing.
SB1481 C AHCCCS eligibility privatization; repeal.
SB1484 C sex offenders; probation; terms
SB1485 C driver licensees; traffic school
SB1486 P appropriation; alternative energy research
SB1489 C teachers; mortgage assistance
SB1490 P teacher shortage student loan program.
SB1492 C lottery proceeds; university scholarships
SB1496 C procurement services; outsourcing prohibited
SB1497 C outsourcing; state service positions; prohibition
SB1498 C healthcare group.
SB1502 C insurance; cancer screening examinations.
SB1510 P sports authority; Cactus league relocations
SB1512 C public employees; meet and confer
SB1513 C telecommunications excise tax; wireless providers
SB1514 C business development program; disabled businesses
SB1516 C public construction; bidding; best value
SB1518 C prescriptions; confidentiality
SB1519 C prescription marketing costs; full disclosure
SB1526 C AHCCCS; covered services
SB1527 C drought emergency groundwater transfers.
SB1558 C appropriations; university medical programs.
SB1561 C AHCCCS; physician recruitment fund
SB1562 C voluntary full-day kindergarten
SB1567 P pseudoephedrine
SB1569 P school teachers; minimum salary
SB1580 C underage drinking; conviction; treatment
SB1581 C CPS; child removal from home
SB1584 C vehicle restraint violations; enforcement.
SB1613 C minimum wage; disabilities; trust fund
SB1614 P* tutoring services; standards
SB1615 P* consumer reports; issuance; employment purposes
SB1616 P* mortgage rescue fraud protection act
SB1617 P* financial information privacy act
SB1628 C youthful sex offenders; treatment See Vote
SCR1007 P property valuations; elderly income limits
SCR1010 C support commemorative postage stamp
SCR1017 C collective bargaining
SCR1019 P equal rights amendment; ratification
SCR1023 C centennial; UPS
SM1002 C employee free choice act
SM1004 C SBInet


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor