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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-third Legislature - First Regular Session
  Karen Fann

Karen Fann

District 1

1700 W. Washington
Room 306
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5874
Fax Number: (602)

Personal Information:
Home City: Prescott
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Member Since: 2011
Senator Karen Fann was elected in November of 2016 to represent Legislative District 1, which covers 8,000 square smiles throughout Yavapai County and portions of Maricopa County. She previously served this district from 2011 to 2016 as a State Representative. Karen moved to Prescott at the age of four and has been a life-long Republican. She continues to represent her community by serving as a precinct committeeman and is a member of the Rotary International and Elks. Senator Fann currently serves as the Vice-Chair of both the Finance Committee and the Transportation and Technology Committee and as a member of the Natural Resources, Energy and Water Committee..

Senator Fann's previous experience includes:
  • 2011-2016 Arizona House of Representatives
    • Chairman, Transportation Committee
    • Chairman, Insurance Committee
    • Member, Agriculture, Water and Lands
    • Member, County and Municipal Affairs
  • 2002-2009 Town of Chino Valley Mayor and Councilman
  • 2007-2009 BQAZ Statewide Transportation Board
  • 2005-2009 Chairman and Board, Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO)
  • 2006-2009 Chairman and Board, Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition
  • 2005-2008 Governors Rural Water Legislative Study Committee
  • 2002-2007 and 1992-1994 Northern Council of Governments (NACOG)
  • 1992-1995 Prescott City Mayor Pro Tem and Councilman
  • 1993-2002 President and Board, Prescott/Tri City Town Hall
  • 1994-1996 Chairman, Governors’ Commission on Non-Traditional Employment for Women

Karen is the owner and CEO of a highway construction company specializing in the installation of guardrail and signs throughout the State of Arizona, which recently celebrated its 33rd business anniversary. Her business was started in 1984 with $500 and has grown steadily to become Arizona's largest guardrail company, with 40 employees. Karen is a licensed contractor with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, past president of Yavapai County Contractors Association and past president of Prescott Chapter National Association of Women in Construction. Her previous work includes four years of legal experience, 10 years of airport/airline experience and as a licensed Arizona realtor.

In addition to the guardrail company, Karen and her husband Jim owned and operated the equine facility FANN-M Ranch for nine years. The FANN-M Ranch provided services to boarded horses, produced equine competitions and worked with local 4-H clubs and other nonprofit organizations for community fundraisers.



Committee Assignments
Finance Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Natural Resources, Energy and Water Member Click Here Click Here
Transportation and Technology Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2165 C authorized third parties; electronic title.
HB2226 C compact; balanced budget; convention
HB2251 C ADOT; Meridian road extension
HB2252 C rural school employees; tuition waiver
HB2253 C state veterinarian; animal identification; appropriation
HB2269 C victims' rights; requirements; monetary judgments See Vote
HB2323 C critical health information; emergency responders
HB2330 C water augmentation systems; tax credit
HB2331 C auto dealers; recalls; manufacturer compensation See Vote
HB2332 C property tax valuation appeals
HB2333 C patient referral inducements; unlawful compensation
HB2378 C dispensing opticians; repeal of regulation
HCR2010 C application; Article V convention
HCR2013 C convention; balanced federal budget
SB1007 C home-based business; operations; employees
SB1008 C contractor licensing; exemptions; threshold
SB1062 C property tax oversight commission; continuation
SB1072 C administrative decisions; scope of review See Vote
SB1078 C electronic; digital signatures; requirements; ADOA See Vote
SB1080 P* teenage drivers; communication devices prohibited
SB1081 P* mutual holding company reorganization
SB1082 P* motorcycle safety fund
SB1083 C Arizona lengthy trial fund; continuation
SB1084 C electronic records; retention; storage
SB1085 C vulnerable users of public ways
SB1086 C sentencing; aggravating factor; texting
SB1087 C wireless communication device; driving; prohibition
SB1088 C vehicles; collisions; injury; texting; penalty
SB1089 C lottery funding; LTAF; restoration
SB1090 C HURF expenditures; transportation infrastructure
SB1119 C juvenile corrections; justice; study committee
SB1129 C electric nonprofit cooperatives; patronage capital
SB1135 C handheld communications devices; driving; prohibition
SB1145 C technical correction; vehicle accident report
SB1146 C technical correction; disabled parking; reciprocity
  (NOW: registration fees; VLT; gas tax
SB1147 C technical correction; overtaking bicycles
  (NOW: county election; motor fuel taxes
SB1148 C technical correction; information change; notice
SB1149 C technical correction; DUI; blood test
SB1150 C ignition interlock device; regulation; installers
SB1151 C wrong-way drivers; alerts; DPS.
SB1154 C G&F omnibus
SB1165 P* exempt wells; capital costs
SB1166 P* employment security; time frames; interest
SB1167 P* archaeology advisory commission; continuation
SB1168 P* Arizona outdoor recreation commission; continuation
SB1169 P* insurance; auto glass coverage
SB1170 P* abandoned vehicles; towing reimbursement
SB1211 P* ADOT omnibus See Vote
SB1212 P* tax credit cap; angel investor
SB1213 P* unemployment insurance; disclosure; state agencies
SB1214 P* local governments; smallcell equipment permitting
  (NOW: microcell equipment; local governments
See Vote
SB1215 P* insurance; definition; fire protection services
  (NOW: insurance; forms; fire protection services
SB1216 P* towing firms; assets; definition See Vote
SB1217 P* corporation commission; telecommunications; rates
SB1270 C authorized third parties; electronic title
  (NOW: reauthorization; county transportation excise tax
SB1271 C countywide elections; vote by mail
SB1272 C business entities; omnibus
SB1273 C electric bicycles
SB1281 C empowerment scholarship accounts; revisions
SB1295 C funeral directors; embalmers; board membership
SB1296 C funeral director licensure
SB1298 C electronic documents; signatures; wills; trusts
SB1312 C electronic bingo
SB1326 C telecommunications; broadband; accelerated depreciation
SB1331 P* workers' compensation; tiered rate filings
  (NOW: workers’ compensation rates; deviations
See Vote
SB1332 P* workers' compensation; work search requirements
  (NOW: workers' compensation; settlement; travel expenses
See Vote
SB1333 P* workers' compensation; claim settlement
SB1337 C industrial hemp; licensing See Vote
SB1338 P* construction contracts; indemnification; liability provisions
SB1341 C foster children; motor vehicle insurance
SB1342 C search warrants; tracking; simulator devices See Vote
SB1343 C county transportation excise tax; reauthorization
SB1344 C firearms; state preemption; independent contractors
  (NOW: firearms; state preemption; employees
SB1366 C peace officer; victim; aggravating factor See Vote
SB1367 C abortion; live delivery; report; definition See Vote
SB1406 P* contributions; committed youth; repeal; committee
  (NOW: public accommodation; exemptions; enforcement; sanctions
See Vote
SB1407 P* workers' compensation; employee definition; notice
SB1431 C empowerment scholarships; expansion; phase-in
SB1439 C end-of-life; discrimination; prohibition
SB1441 C insurers; health providers; claims mediation
  (NOW: insurers; health providers; claims arbitration
See Vote
SB1442 C corrections officer retirement plan; modifications
  (NOW: modifications; corrections officer retirement plan
See Vote
SB1445 C VLT; registration fees; gas tax
SB1446 C motor fuel taxes; county election
SB1470 C lottery game; veterans assistance
SB1474 C community engagement district.
SCM1002 C division; ninth circuit; urging Congress
SCM1007 C American-Islamic Council; suspending contact
SCR1002 C application; Article V convention.
SCR1004 C death resolution; Gus Arzberger
SCR1005 C death resolution; George Lemen
SCR1006 C death resolution; M. Lee Allison
SCR1007 C death resolution; John Hays
SCR1008 C death resolution; Rick Lavis
SCR1017 C Taiwan; United States; trade; support
SCR1018 C speech and debate education day
SCR1020 C death resolution; Marian Lupu
SCR1029 C Oscar de los Santos; recognition
SCR1034 C death resolution; Eleanor Ann Day


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor