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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Steven B. Yarbrough

Steven B. Yarbrough

District 21

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 302
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5863
Fax Number: (602) 417-3121


     Rep. Yarbrough has lived in Arizona since 1963. He graduated from Phoenix Union High School in 1965, earned his B.S. in Business Administration (finance) from ASU in 1968 with high distinction, and graduated magna cum laude with his Juris Doctor from the ASU College of Law in 1971.


     From 1971-1975 he served as an administrator in the ASU Office of Student Affairs. Since 1975 he has practiced law in Tempe and Chandler and is presently a partner in Yarbrough and Dunn in Chandler. For many years he was a board certified specialist in family law. His partner, Boyd Dunn, is Mayor of Chandler.


   Since 1998 he has been the Executive Director of the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization which has provided scholarships to thousands of Arizona students to attend the school of their parents’ choice.


     Rep. Yarbrough taught business law at Mesa Community College from 1975-1977 and served on the school board for Valley Christian High School from 1981-2005.


     Rep. Yarbrough has been married to his wife Linda since 1968. She taught high school choral music for thirty years. They have three adult sons, all married, and six grandsons. Two of their sons are East Valley police officers and one is a Regional Sales Manager with Shell Oil in the Pacific Northwest.


     Rep. Yarbrough previously served on the House Education and Appropriations Committees and the Ethics Committee of which he was Chairman. Currently he is Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee after four years as Vice-Chairman and is also a member of the Judiciary Committee. He also leads a bipartisan group of legislators and citizen group leaders known as the Arizona Values Action Team which supports public policy which is pro-life, pro-school choice, and pro-traditional marriage.





Committee Assignments
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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2078 P* property tax commission; sunset continuation
HB2079 P* income tax credit review schedule
HB2080 P* family tax credit; inflation adjustment
HB2081 P* tax credit review committee; membership
HB2082 P* property valuation; advisory committee
HB2083 P* corporate income tax subtractions; dividends
HB2084 P* income tax credit; other states See Vote
HB2155 P prescriptions; emergencies See Vote
HB2204 C appropriation; character education office
  (NOW: character education; matching grant; transfer
HB2245 C college courses; high school credit
  (NOW: minimum wage; employers; liability
See Vote
HB2263 C CPS; interviews; right to refuse
  (NOW: CPS; required information
HB2336 C corporate income tax rate reduction
HB2337 C individual income tax rate reduction
HB2363 C personal property tax; accelerated depreciation
HB2380 P charitable organizations; tax credit
HB2383 C school districts; associate teachers
HB2394 P* school tax credits; contribution date
HB2395 P* use tax; consumption of fuel
HB2396 P* internal revenue code conformity
HB2397 P* unclaimed property
HB2398 P* college savings plans; income tax
HB2399 P* credit; stub outs; outlets; repeal
HB2400 P* accelerate class one tax reduction.
HB2401 P* state equalization property tax; repeal..
HB2402 P* tax credits; withholding tax reduction
HB2403 P* election law revisions See Vote
HB2406 C contractors; retention monies; interest accounts
HB2510 C tuition waivers; combat deaths
HB2511 C election laws; security; enforcement
HB2538 C sales tax exemption; nonprofit housing
HB2611 P DNA testing; arrest; serious offenses
HB2615 C tax credit; research and development
HB2627 P* income tax deadlines
  (NOW: prime contracting; property owners
See Vote
HB2638 C local energy plans See Vote
HB2641 P parental consent; abortion
HB2656 P* secondary property taxes; limits
HB2657 P* property tax; electric generation valuation See Vote
HB2658 P* charter school funding; equalization
HB2659 P* industrial development authorities; student loans
HB2668 C lot splits; military bases; prohibition
HB2684 C state employees; living donor leave
HB2700 C appropriation; school safety programs
HB2720 P* insurance premium tax credit
HB2721 P* attorney fees; civil infractions
HB2742 C schools; technology systems grants
HB2751 P immigration law; appropriation
HB2752 P illegal aliens; domestic terrorism
HB2753 P vehicle impoundment and immobilization See Vote
HB2761 C driver licenses; physician mandatory reporting
HB2765 P national guard; civil liability
HB2766 P national guard mobilization; border; appropriation
HB2775 C bond elections; prohibited contracts
HB2779 P fair and legal employment act See Vote
HCM2004 C television programming; a la carte
HCR2005 P property tax; business property exemption
HCR2037 C business personal property taxes; exemption
HCR2049 P immigration enforcement
HCR2050 C fallen soldiers; unauthorized use
HCR2051 P fair and legal employment; referendum
HCR2052 P Honorable Carmen Cajero
HR2001 C state aviation day.
HR2002 C Virginia Tech; honoring those killed
SB1297 C payroll deduction; dues; activities; statement
SB1602 C city permits; waste regulation


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor