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Arizona State Legislature
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Fiftieth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Lori Klein

Lori Klein

District 6

1700 W. Washington
Room 302
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5284
Fax Number: (602) 417-3270

Personal Information:
Home City: Anthem
Occupation: Non-Profit
Member Since: 2011
Lori Klein is the owner of Lori Klein & Associates, which specializes in fundraising for non-profit issue advocacy and limited government projects. For nearly two decades she has labored to manage and pass voter initiatives to protect Arizonans and their rights.

Her conservative resume is quite extensive. She served as the Executive Director and Director of Development for Medical Choice for Arizona (Proposition 101) that was defeated by a mere 8,000 votes of the 2.1 million votes cast in 2008, and she was a part of the team that passed the The Health Care Freedom Act in November 2010.  Both of those efforts were designed to protect Arizona residents from any successful efforts to nationalize health care through plans like “Obamacare.”

She was the Executive Director and Spokesperson for Proposition 207 which passed with 65% of the vote in 2006. Prop 207 provided protection for private property owners from government takings by eminent domain or excessive regulations. Thanks to these efforts, Arizona now has the strongest private property rights in the nation.

Ms. Klein served the National Director of Development for Americans for Fair Taxation from 2002–2006. She worked as the Executive Director and then the Director of Public Affairs for the Arizona School Choice Trust in 1998 and served for six years as Chairman of its Advisory Board.

She was the Executive Director of the Taxpayer Protection Alliance in 1999–2000 which spearheaded Proposition 107, a ballot initiative that would have eliminated the Arizona state personal and corporate income tax over the course of four years, making Arizona competitive with Nevada, Washington and Texas in attracting business.

Ms. Klein and her three sons live in Anthem. She attends Fellowship church in Anthem.


Committee Assignments
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Government Reform Member Click Here Click Here
Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Welfare Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2544 C presidential candidates; affidavit of qualifications
HB2555 C regulation of taxis; limitations
HB2561 C Arizona citizenship.
HB2562 C interstate compact; birth certificates
HB2581 P STOs; credits; administration
HB2583 C deadly physical force; reporting; admissibility
HB2706 P education; Arizona empowerment accounts
  (NOW: supplementary reading instruction; teachers
HB2707 P general fund revenue limit
HB2708 C homeowner's rebate; primary residence
HCR2006 C personal property tax exemption amount
HCR2032 C paycheck deductions; political purposes; requirement
HCR2033 C foreign laws; judicial decisions
SB1101 C protest activity; prohibition.
SB1105 C real estate transfer affidavit; transmission See Vote
SB1117 C immigration legislation challenges
SB1124 P* financial responsibility; verification; technical correction
SB1125 P* technical correction; commercial insurance
SB1126 P* technical correction; jury; expenses
SB1127 P* technical correction; wage board; powers
SB1128 P* unemployment insurance; technical correction
SB1136 C city or town annexation.
SB1155 C electronic; digital devices; stalking; threatening
SB1156 C grand jury proceedings; electronic recording.
SB1170 C homeowners' associations; public roadways
SB1183 C agricultural property tax classification; equine
SB1189 C developmentally disabled; residential setting
SB1190 C developmental disabilities; intermediate care facilities
  (NOW: developmental disabilities; residential placement
SB1202 C definition of dangerous drugs; synthetic.
SB1204 C trash collection; multifamily housing
SB1209 P* school district employees; salaries; posting
SB1210 P* corporate income tax; repeal
SB1211 P* corporate income tax; phase-out
SB1214 C interstate compact; health care..
SB1231 P* state revenue expenditures; limit
SB1246 C abortion.
SB1250 C donor conceived children
SB1265 C abortion; public funding prohibition; taxes.
SB1286 P* counties; cities; permits; time limit
SB1287 P* health insurance; purchase outside state.
SB1308 C interstate compact; birth certificates.
SB1309 C Arizona citizenship
SB1312 C STOs; credits; administration.
SB1325 C union dues; political purposes
SB1334 C hunting within city limits See Vote
SB1335 C hunting at night; varmints
SB1339 C administrative rules; repeal; legislative action
SB1350 C public employees; political activities
SB1351 C uninsured vehicles; collision damages; impoundment
SB1352 C photo radar prohibition
SB1357 C AHCCCS; missed appointments; provider remedy See Vote
SB1358 C medical marijuana; residency; location; requirements
SB1363 C employer protections; labor relations
SB1365 C paycheck deductions; political purposes See Vote
SB1366 C medical malpractice; liability waivers
SB1368 C human smuggling organization; offense; penalty.
  (NOW: probation officers; disciplinary actions
See Vote
SB1393 C greenhouse emissions; legislative authority
SB1395 C endangered species act; interstate compact
SB1401 C rental cars; registration; insurance requirements
SB1403 P certificates; line siting committee.
  (NOW: mandatory project labor agreements; prohibition
SB1404 C Arizona grain research trust fund
SB1405 C hospital admissions; restrictions
SB1407 P schools; data; noncitizen students
SB1408 P state budget; appropriation limitation; hearing
SB1409 P government publications; English only
SB1410 C sheriff; powers and duties
SB1433 P* federal legislation; state nullification
SB1495 C Arizona state guard; establishment
SB1502 C fire districts; merger; consolidation See Vote
SB1525 C city; town; development fees See Vote
SB1527 C health care; disclosures; information
SB1552 C corporate tax allocation; sales factor
SB1553 P education; Arizona empowerment accounts. See Vote
SB1554 P ADE; teachers; liability insurance
SB1555 C government employees; union dues; withholding
SB1556 C school district monies; associations; elections.
SB1561 P legislative appropriations; federal monies.
SB1590 P employers; group insurance pooling
SB1591 C health insurance claims; information; disclosure
SB1592 P health care compact; funding
SB1593 C health insurance; interstate purchase See Vote
SB1598 P* cities; counties; regulatory review See Vote
SB1610 C state firearm
SB1612 P general appropriations 2011-2012
  (NOW: 2011-2012; general appropriations
See Vote
SB1613 C 2011-2012; capital outlay
  (NOW: capital outlay; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1614 C 2011-2012; state budget procedures
  (NOW: state budget procedures; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1615 C consolidation; state agencies
  (NOW: state agencies; consolidation
See Vote
SB1616 C revenue; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; revenue; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1617 C K-12 education; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; K-12 education; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1618 C higher education; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; higher education; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1619 P health; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; health; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1620 C welfare; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; welfare; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1621 C criminal justice; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; criminal justice; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1622 C general government; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; general government; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1623 C regulation; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; regulation; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1624 C environment; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; environment; 2011-2012
See Vote
SCR1006 C border security plan
SCR1009 C honoring Hopi code talkers
SCR1010 C judicial decisions; international law
SCR1016 C constitutional convention; federal debt.
SCR1017 C recognizing pregnancy care centers.
SCR1019 P state appropriation limit; reduction
SCR1020 C crime victims; protection from liability
SCR1028 P paycheck deductions; political purposes; requirement.
SCR1029 C photo radar prohibition
SCR1033 C best available control technology; generation See Vote
SCR1034 P federal actions; state nullification
SCR1035 C English; official language
SCR1051 C voter enacted expenditures; funding source
SCR1053 C phase-out business personal property tax
SCR1055 P* federal term limits amendment
SCR1059 P supporting Wisconsin governor; legislature
SCR1061 C Mitch Menlove; death resolution
SR1001 C opposition; gaming; new Indian reservation
SR1003 C Dorwan Stoddard; death resolution
SR1004 C Gabe Zimmerman; death resolution
SR1005 C Phyllis Schneck; death resolution
SR1006 C Christina Taylor Green; death resolution
SR1007 C Dorothy Morris; death resolution
SR1008 C Honorable John Roll; death resolution
SR1011 C national day of the cowboy
SR1013 C Lloyd Oliver; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor