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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-ninth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Michele Reagan

Michele Reagan

District 8

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 220
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5828
Fax Number: (602) 417-3008


Rep. Michele Reagan was born in Rockford, Illinois, grew up in the Chicago-land area and graduated from Illinois State University.  She moved to Arizona with her family in 1991 where they operated FASTSIGNS on Central Avenue in Phoenix for 10 years.  During that period, Michele was very active in civic and business organizations as a volunteer.

Michele is very passionate about small business issues and felt Arizona needed some business minds down at the State Capitol. So, in 2001 she decided she would run and was elected to the House of Representatives in 2002. She was the first freshman legislator to get a bill enacted in 2003.

In 2004 the Speaker of the House chose Rep. Reagan to be the Chairman of the House Commerce Committee.  She is the youngest female to hold this position.  Michele also serves on the Ways and Means Committee, and the Environment Committee.

Michele stays active in our community with several groups such as Las Rancheras Republican Women, Paradise Republican Women, Palo Verde Republican Women, Fountain Lake Republican Women, Scottsdale Republican Forum, Fountain Hills Republican Club and the Arizona Small Business Association.  She was also President of her Homeowners Association for 6 years and the former Treasurer of District 8 as well as being a precinct committeeman and state committeeman for over 10 years.

This past year, Michele was appointed to the Governor’s Arizona Economic Resource Organization (AERO) Board and is the only legislator to serve on the Board. She also sits on the STARS board which was formerly Scottsdale Foundation for the Handicapped.  She sponsored the solar initiative during the 2008 session to bring solar manufacturing companies to rural Arizona.  Rep. Reagan is the author of the Research and Development incentive plan to bring high-wage jobs to the valley.

Rep. Reagan was listed as one of the most effective legislators in 2007.  She is married and lives in Scottsdale.



Committee Assignments
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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2047 P* workers' compensation; technical correction
HB2048 P* local elections; signature requirements
HB2056 P* workers' compensation; truckers; officer escorts
HB2057 P* workers' compensation; deposit premiums
HB2073 C state equalization property tax repeal..
HB2080 P* contractors; payment
HB2087 P* professional employer organizations; agreements
  (NOW: agreements; professional employer organizations
HB2091 P* charitable organizations; solicitations; disclosures
HB2125 C permissible raffles; clubs
HB2126 C tax refund checkoff boxes
HB2139 C clean elections; qualifying period
HB2148 C human trafficking; violation
HB2149 P drop houses; forgery; human smuggling
HB2198 C settlement of claims; workers' compensation
HB2199 C state compensation fund; employer misrepresentation.
  (NOW: corporations and LLC omnibus
See Vote
HB2200 C workers' compensation; controlled substances.
HB2279 C state debt; expenditures; report
  (NOW: state debt and expenditures; analysis
HB2280 C state budget; revenues; expenditures; report
  (NOW: illegal aliens; trespassing; enforcement
See Vote
HB2286 C tax credit; charitable organizations
HB2287 C tax credits; withholding tax reduction See Vote
HB2288 C premium tax credit; STO contribution
HB2290 P health spa contracts; military members
HB2301 P* domestic microbreweries; production cap
HB2302 P* liquor licenses; distance restriction; waiver
  (NOW: distance restriction; liquor license
HB2303 P* consumer fraud; unlawful practices
HB2304 P* technical correction; nonprofit corporations
HB2305 P* technical correction; liquor ordinances; prohibition
HB2306 P* technical correction; malpractice claim review
  (NOW: authorized presence; licensees
HB2307 P* health savings accounts; reimbursement; incentives
HB2308 C residential contractors' recovery fund
HB2314 C property valuation; telecommunications companies
HB2317 C fiduciaries
HB2340 C consumer reporting agencies; account information
HB2361 C tax exemption; personal property
HB2366 C property tax liens; redemption; foreclosure
HB2370 C tax credit; research and development
  (NOW: income tax credit review; criteria
HB2380 C eligible persons; personal information; internet
HB2381 C health insurance; utilization review; definition
  (NOW: health insurance; coverage determination
HB2422 P* workers' compensation; earning capacity; determination
HB2423 P* energy savings performance contracting
HB2434 P* homeowners' associations; document amendments
HB2441 C liquor licenses; public recreation area
HB2457 C university athletic facilities district
HB2468 P contracts; construction; architect-engineer; proportional liability.
HB2480 P regional transportation authorities; qualifying counties.
HB2482 C civil air patrol; federal monies
HB2483 C elected officials; officeholder expenses; accounts
HB2512 P* private property rights; diminution; waiver
HB2517 C kennel inspections; counties
HB2520 C salvia divinorum; unlawful acts
HB2544 C schools; sex education
HB2565 C perinatal mood disorder; educational information
HB2603 P clean elections; amendments
  (NOW: amendments; clean elections
HB2610 C civil liability; affirmative defenses
HB2624 P initiative reform; statutory measures
HCM2005 C purple heart; Vietnam veterans
HCM2007 C self-employed individuals; mortgages
HCM2009 P opposing federal firearms legislation
HCR2005 C insurers; mental health coverage
HCR2033 P initiative and referendum reform
HR2001 C David Hurt; death resolution
SB1161 C PSPRS; reemployment
SB1307 C state lands; mass appraisal guidelines
SB1308 P accountancy board; CPA registration
SB1313 C county merit system; hearing officers
  (NOW: project financing review; extension; repeal
SB1327 P tobacco sales; self-service displays
SB1403 P renewable, high-wage industries incentives
SCR1026 C secret ballot; fundamental right


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor