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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-first Legislature - First Regular Session
  Jeff Dial

Jeff Dial

District 18

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 110
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5550
Fax Number: (602) 417-3120

Personal Information:
Home City: Chandler
Occupation: Businessman
Member Since: 2011
Arizona State Representative Jeff Dial is a businessman, realtor, veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve and a community leader. Representative Dial was born in Glendora, California where he attended public school and graduated from Glendora High School. He attended Citrus Community College where he played on the school's football team, and helped tie the school record for most wins in a season with a 9 and 1 record. Jeff was also honored to serve as student body President and be elected on to the school's board of trustees. In 1999 he transferred to Arizona State University, where he would receive his BA degree.

Jeff's father was a chemist and a business owner, while his mother was an elementary school teacher. From an early age he learned the importance of integrity and hard work; philosophies and beliefs that he is continually committed to today.

Having lived in each major municipality of LD 18--Ahwatukee, Chandler and Tempe--and walked more than 30,000 homes, Jeff understands the unique challenges and needs of the various citizens in his district. In his time at the legislature, Representative Dial has been committed to making Arizona a great place to live, work and raise a family. As Chairman of the Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee, he's concentrated his legislative work on jobs, education and making Arizona a pro-business environment.

Jeff is an avid hiker, weightlifter and moviegoer, and attends Mountain Park Community Church in Ahwatukee. He is continually thankful for the tremendous confidence the community has already shown him and continues to work hard to maintain their trust and support.

Representative Dial has also been honored to receive various awards including the 2013 Tech Ten Legislator of the Year award, the 2012 Golden Apple award, and the Friend of the Business award from the Chamber of Commerce.

Jeff Dial Republican District 18 Arizona House of Representatives 1700 West Washingston Room 110 Phoenix, AZ 85007 Phone Number: (602)926-5550 Fax Number: (602)417-3120 Email Address:


Committee Assignments
Financial Institutions Member Click Here Click Here
Higher Education and Workforce Development Chairman Click Here Click Here
Technology and Infrastructure Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2008 P* common school districts; technical correction
HB2009 P* technical correction; joint school districts
HB2010 P* technical correction; legal opinions; schools
HB2031 P* federal patent easements; counties; abandonment See Vote
HB2064 C training permits; military health professionals See Vote
HB2074 C expedited foster home approval
  (NOW: licensing; foster homes
See Vote
HB2109 P* biennial contractor license; annual renewal See Vote
HB2110 P* bank deposits; technical correction
HB2136 P firefighter and EMT memorial
HB2147 C unemployment benefits; proof; eligibility
  (NOW: eligibility; unemployment benefits
See Vote
HB2165 P* public libraries; circulation records; privacy
HB2166 P* limited liability companies; series
HB2167 P* autonomous motor vehicles
HB2168 P* school age; increase; parental permission
HB2170 C stopped school buses; lights See Vote
HB2189 C registrar of contractors; licenses; contracts
HB2202 P school districts; leases
HB2203 P tax credit; state university foundation
HB2204 P law enforcement; surviving spouse; insurance
HB2213 P* job training program; business plan
  (NOW: job training program; reporting requirements
HB2214 P* job training program; qualified applicants
HB2215 P* community colleges; workforce training equipment
HB2216 P* job training program; incumbent workers
HB2217 P* extraordinary educators special plates
HB2258 C mobile home parks; landscape maintenance
HB2259 C vocational rehabilitation; prosthetic appliances; orthodontics
  (NOW: orthodontic devices; transaction privilege tax
HB2260 C certified public accountants See Vote
HB2274 C homeowners' associations; registry
HB2388 C law enforcement; protective armor; costs
HB2399 C school districts; bonded indebtedness limitations
HB2409 C dental hygienists; examinations See Vote
HB2419 P* universities; high wage degree programs
  (NOW: financial aid study; public university
HB2467 C constitutional oath; high school graduation
HB2471 C CDL holders; defensive driving school
HB2473 C food vendors; state certification
HB2481 C permissible consumer fireworks; penalty
HB2484 C veterans; hiring preference; tax credit
HB2489 P* bonds; financing; student loans See Vote
HB2499 C JTEDs; per pupil funding calculation
  (NOW: per pupil funding calculation; JTEDs
See Vote
HB2543 C provisional community colleges; nonresident tuition See Vote
HB2559 P* property; receipt; notification
HB2565 P* insurance; website posting of policies See Vote
HB2568 P* election procedures; early voting
HB2572 C fire districts; financial standards
  (NOW: financial standards; fire districts
See Vote
HB2573 C prohibited governmental compliance; 2012 NDAA
HB2574 P* drone surveillance; prohibition; exceptions
HB2578 C licensing; accountability; penalties; exceeding regulation
HB2616 P* data centers
HCM2003 C copper mining; support
HCM2008 C PFC Servin; medal of honor
HCR2009 P unmanned aircraft systems
HCR2034 C Arizona territory; 150th anniversary
HCR2035 C recognizing Arizona caregivers
HCR2036 C Boy Scouts of America
SB1093 P disability placards; nonprofit organizations
SB1115 C direct pay prices; health care
SB1300 C passing bicycles; civil penalty
SB1340 C municipal fire districts
SB1352 C school leases; nonprofit corporations
SB1407 C juvenile referrals; commitments; expenses; liability
SB1434 C school technology program; appropriation
SB1435 P TPT exemptions; modular data center
  (NOW: modular data center; TPT exemptions
SB1451 P alternative teacher development program; appropriation
SB1463 C counties; flood control districts; rules
SCR1002 C health care; direct pay prices
SCR1020 C Sheriff Larry Dever; death resolution
SCR1021 C death resolution; Bill Konopnicki


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor