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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Russell K. Pearce

Russell K. Pearce

District 18

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 114
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5760
Fax Number: (602) 417-3118


Personal Information:

Home City: Mesa

Member Since:
January 2001
Name: Russell K. Pearce
Address: P.O. Box 31987, Mesa, AZ  85275
Phone: 602-926-5760
Current Occupation: Legislator (District 18, Mesa)

Previous occupation:
23 years as a Maricopa County Deputy Sheriff;
North Mesa Justice of the Peace;
Chief Deputy Maricopa County Sheriff's Office;
Pro-Tem Judge for Maricopa County Justice Courts;
Director Governors Office of Highway Safety;
Director Arizona State Motor Vehicle Division;

Educational Background:
B.A. Management, University of Phoenix;
Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government;
Motor Vehicle Legal and Law College;
Advanced Executive Development, Arizona State University;
Budget and Appropriations, University of Arizona;
Arizona Judicial College, Supreme Court of Arizona.

Date of Birth:                June 23, 1947
Family:                         Wife: LuAnne; Children: Dodi, Sean, Colten, Justin, Joshua
Arizona Native:             57 years
Lived in current District: 57 years
Party Registration:          Life long Republican

Civic Organizations and Associations:
Arizona Auto Theft Authority, Chairman;
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Region IV Vice President;
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators International Board, Executive Board;
National Association of Governor’s Highway Safety Representative, National Board Member;
Governor’s Appointee, Office for Children, Advisory Member;
International Association of Chiefs of Police;
Fraternal Order of Police;
Maricopa County Deputies Association;
Arizona Chiefs of Police Association;
Transportation Users Leadership National Alliance;
Community Notification Committee on Sex Offenders;
Multi-State Highway Transportation Association (MHTA);
DUI Abatement Council;
National Sheriff’s Association;
Arizona Auto Theft Investigators Association;
Executive Committee on Juvenile Justice Reform;
Boy Scouts of America, Scout Leader;
Mesa Senior Center, Executive Board;
Arizona Police Olympics; Rotary Club Member.
Pop Warner Football; Little League Baseball.
Republican Party Precinct Committeeman.
District 18 Republican Executive Committee.
State Republican Committeeman.

The character of its people measures the greatness of our nation. We live in a Constitutional Republic based on moral law, freedom and personal responsibility, and this includes limited government. The best thing we can do for our families is reducing the burden of government.

Just to name a few accomplishments and recognitions:

I drafted Proposition 200 formerly known as Protect Arizona NOW initiative to stop voting fraud and welfare fraud by illegal aliens).

Chief Deputy Maricopa County Sheriff's Office:
Authored and developed Maricopa County "Tent City" while Chief Deputy
Went to "No Smoking" jails to create healthier environment and eliminate arson fires by inmates.
Took all R and PG 13 movies out of the jail and put in "Building America" tapes, significantly increased Posse and volunteer activity to create better law enforcement while saving tax dollars, etc.
Awarded the highest medal given in Law Enforcement the "Medal of Valor", while being critically wounded in chest (and finger shot off) continued to pursue the gang suspects, even after backup arrived.
I authored legislation and developed the "Arizona Auto Theft Authority", recognized as one of the most effective in the Nation to combat auto theft, "no tax dollars, funded by insurance companies" and reducing the cost of insurance in the state of Arizona while achieving an 1100% return on every dollar invested.

Director of MVD:
Created the on line registration (first state in the Union to offer electronic registration renewals over multiple channels.
Lifetime registration of trailers.
Multi-year registration of vehicles.
Privatized 1/3 of MVD services.
Implemented the extended Drivers License the only state in the nation to do so.
Eliminated over 5 million annual transactions.
Improved wait times by over 400% while reducing the budget needs by over $10 million annually.
Last 3 years as Director generated over $175 million in accelerated revenue above forecast directly related to MVD Special Projects
Increased office hours by adding extended hours and Saturday hours, Motor Carrier Tax Reform implemented reducing administrative requirements ($20 million savings for Industry).
IBM presented MVD with their "e-business" international award recognizing MVD's leadership for introducing "Service Arizona" electronic services for customer convenience and saving tax payer dollars. (The only Government Agency in the World to have ever received this award).
The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators recognizes competitive Government Program I started as a national model.

As your legislator;
“Hero of the Taxpayer Award” 2003, I was one of only 7 legislators out of 7000 nationwide to receive this award by the American Tax Reform Association.
The Arizona Tax Payers Association (2004 #1) consistently rated as “Friend of the Tax Payer”.
2004 Goldwater Institute as #1 in voting "Constitutionally and for limited government".
I continue to work for a "Tax Payers Bill of Rights", to limit the growth of government to no more than "inflation and population" combined and to slow down the out of control spending.
I am an A+ rating from NRA.
I was recently awarded the "Friend of the Family" by the AZ Family Project.






Committee Assignments
Appropriations Chairman Click Here Click Here
Counties, Municipalities and Military Affairs Member Click Here Click Here
Appropriations Subcommittee on Education and Natural Resources Member Click Here Click Here
Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Welfare Member Click Here Click Here
Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation and Criminal Justice Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2063 P* vehicle registration; legal presence required
HB2116 P big game permits; grandchildren
HB2117 P big game permits; transfers
HB2217 C clean elections; daily reporting
HB2218 P income tax credit; home schooling
HB2219 C beer kegs; registration.
HB2222 P clean elections; primary spending
HB2223 C clean elections; expenses; qualifying contributions
HB2226 C traffic tickets; civil penalties; collection
  (NOW: traffic tickets; collections; civil penalties
See Vote
HB2259 C sex offenders; driver licenses
HB2263 C CPS; interviews; right to refuse
  (NOW: CPS; required information
HB2318 C minimum wage; disabled employees
HB2336 P corporate income tax rate reduction
HB2337 P individual income tax rate reduction
HB2380 C charitable organizations; tax credit
HB2455 P* qualified immunity; first responders
HB2456 P* tobacco; minors; technical correction
HB2457 P* firearms; peace officers See Vote
HB2458 P* emergency; confiscation of firearms; prohibition
HB2459 P* debt reduction fund; appropriations
HB2460 P* valid identification; consular cards; prohibition
HB2461 P* law enforcement cooperation; immigration
HB2462 P* jurors; regional judicial districts
HB2463 P* handyman registration
HB2464 P* international remittances of monies
HB2465 P* archives building; purchase of property
HB2466 P* vehicle title; registration; legal presence
HB2467 P* licensing eligibility; lawful presence; verification
  (NOW: public programs; eligibility
See Vote
HB2468 P* schools; flag size
HB2469 P* concealed weapons; petty offense
HB2470 P* workers' compensation; illegal aliens
HB2471 P* public benefits; eligibility
HB2472 P* justices of the peace; jurisdiction
HB2473 P* border technology; appropriations; implementation
HB2474 P* justice courts; concurrent jurisdiction limits
  (NOW: capitol police compensation
See Vote
HB2475 P* traffic violations; prove legal presence
  (NOW: legal presence; traffic violations
HB2506 C tax simplification; income tax repeal
HB2507 C tax exemption; personal property
HB2508 C municipal tax incentives; prohibition; penalty
HB2510 C tuition waivers; combat deaths
HB2588 C day laborers
HB2589 C criminal trespass; day laborers
HB2627 P income tax deadlines
  (NOW: prime contracting; property owners
See Vote
HB2690 P clean elections; amendments See Vote
HB2702 C reduced small business property tax
HB2723 C sex offender monitoring; qualified vendors
HB2750 P* justice courts; collocation prohibition
  (NOW: justices of the peace; jurisdiction
See Vote
HB2751 P* immigration law; appropriation
HB2752 P* illegal aliens; domestic terrorism
HB2753 P* vehicle impoundment and immobilization See Vote
HB2758 P justices of the peace; funding See Vote
HB2765 P national guard; civil liability
HB2766 P national guard mobilization; border; appropriation
HB2775 C bond elections; prohibited contracts
HB2779 PZ fair and legal employment act See Vote
HB2794 PZ public programs; eligibility; verification
HCM2004 C television programming; a la carte
HCM2005 P* illegal aliens; children; noncitizenship status
HCR2017 C punitive damages awards; fund
HCR2018 C repeal business personal property tax
HCR2019 C income tax repeal; tax simplification
HCR2020 C clean elections; repeal
HCR2021 P* border technology; appropriations
HCR2022 P* illegal alien trespass
HCR2023 P* marriage
HCR2024 P* emergency; confiscation of firearms; prohibition
HCR2025 P* state appropriation limit; reduction
HCR2037 P business personal property taxes; exemption
HCR2041 P military bases; expressing support See Vote
HCR2049 P* immigration enforcement
HCR2050 P fallen soldiers; unauthorized use
HCR2051 PZ fair and legal employment; referendum
HCR2052 P Honorable Carmen Cajero
HCR2053 P* The Honorable Jeff Groscost.
SB1027 P state equalization property tax; repeal.
SB1028 P accelerate class one tax reduction
SB1066 P legislative candidates; drug test
SB1250 P concealed weapons permit; renewal.
SB1251 C deadly weapons; storage
SB1297 C payroll deduction; dues; activities; statement
SB1301 C misconduct involving weapons; exception.
SB1338 P real estate disclosures; reports
  (NOW: joint nomination petitions; petition circulator
SB1604 P major event reimbursement fund
SB1629 P misconduct involving weapons; classification.
SCR1005 P legislative candidates; drug test


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor