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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-second Legislature - First Regular Session
  Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer
Minority Leader

District 28

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 320
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3037
Fax Number: (602) 417-3111

Personal Information:
Home City: Paradise Valley
Occupation: Physician
Member Since: 2009
Representative Eric Meyer moved to Arizona when he was seven years old, attending Cocopah Elementary School and Chaparral High School. He earned a degree in Economics from the University of Southern California and his medical degree from University of Arizona Medical School. His post-graduate training was in the specialty of emergency medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University. He practiced Medicine in Portland’s Providence Emergency Department, and was Director of that department from 1993 to 1995.

Dr. Meyer returned to Arizona in 1996 with his wife, Sarah Snell, also a physician, and their two children. While his wife concentrates on her practice, Dr. Meyer serves as an elected representative in the Arizona state legislature, and completed two four year terms on the Scottsdale School District Governing Board.

Rep. Meyer is a dedicated advocate for children. He just completed a nine year term on the Children’s Museum of Phoenix Board of Directors, and continues to serve on the Scottsdale Unified School District All-City Athlete Banquet Board. He has also served as a Legislative Liaison for the Scottsdale Parent Council, PTO President for Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center, and Scottsdale Unified School District Budget Committee member.

Rep. Meyer believes strong public schools are the bedrock of Arizona’s future. As a former school board member for 8 years, he gained intimate knowledge of our school’s needs, and has vigorously worked both as a parent and elected official to ensure our schools and teachers remain a priority in the state legislature. He has improved academic achievement and rigor district-wide, increased graduation requirements and expanded class offerings. Dr. Meyer is committed to continuing his objective of ensuring every student is prepared for success from the early formative years, to college, and thereafter.

Dr. Meyer’s unique background in economics and medicine has given him an insight and ability to understand and address the growing problems of access to quality, affordable health care, especially for our children, and to identify ways to work for solutions in strengthening our state economy. Besides his two children, Rep. Meyer’s proudest achievement was serving on the Scottsdale School Board.

He is serving his last term (due to term limits) for his constituents in District 28 and was nominated as Democratic Leader by his Caucus. Dr. Meyer is the ranking democrat on the Appropriations committee, and a member on the Health Committee.


Committee Assignments
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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2141 P prescription monitoring program; disclosure
HB2155 P state transportation board; tribal representation
HB2156 C Native American tribes; TPT revenues
HB2157 P Native Americans; delayed birth certificates
HB2158 P appropriation; Navajo Nation court complex
HB2159 C appropriation; water projects; Navajo nation
HB2160 C TPT; Indian tribe; motor vehicles
HB2161 C central Arizona project board; membership
HB2227 P* limited service pregnancy centers; regulation
HB2228 P* school pupils; academic intervention
HB2229 P* approved online courses; master list
HB2230 P* salvia divinorum; unlawful acts; defense
HB2231 C STOs; administrative cost allocation
HB2233 C STO scholarships; beneficiary recommendations
HB2234 C STO scholarships; student transfers
HB2235 C STO scholarships; means testing
HB2369 C death certificates; gender
HB2370 P texting while driving; prohibition
HB2371 C minors; automatic firearms; prohibited
HB2413 C internet representations; civil damages
HB2486 C university admission requirements; foreign language
HB2487 C community colleges; tuition waivers
HB2490 C sexually violent persons; reimbursement; repeal
HB2491 C hospitals; community health centers; transactions
HB2517 P internet crimes against children; fund See Vote
HB2520 C appropriation; grants; reading-intensive programs
HB2546 P independent expenditures; corporations; funding disclosures.
HB2547 P campaign finance disclosures; corporations; entities.
HB2548 P foreign nonprofit corporations; foreign LLCs.
HB2549 P independent expenditures; corporations; unions; audit.
HB2552 C emergency contraception
HB2553 P human trafficking victim; vacating conviction
  (NOW: sex trafficking victim; vacating conviction
See Vote
HB2563 P health facilities; substance abuse recovery
HB2585 C secondary motor vehicle finance transactions
HB2631 C veteran education; tuition grants; cemeteries
HB2633 P* disclosure; lobbyists; gifts; public officers
HB2634 P* body art establishments; licensure
HB2635 P* health professionals; state action prohibitions
HB2640 C dependency; households; domestic violence
HB2661 C multi-county water districts; storage tax
HCM2003 P urging Congress; increase customs personnel
HCR2020 P ratification; equal rights amendment
HCR2021 P women's reproductive rights; support
HCR2028 C civilian conservation corps; recognition
HCR2029 C persons with disabilities; employment; support
HCR2031 P Citizens United decision; repeal
HCR2039 P death resolution; Bill Badger
HR2005 C death resolution; Officer Tyler Stewart
SB1030 P microbreweries; multiple licenses; production; sales
SB1105 P racketeering; animal fighting; cockfighting
SB1106 P special license plates; standard design
SB1107 P license plate covers; prohibition
SB1117 C online instruction; state-approved charter authorizers
SB1128 P adoption; married couple; preference
SB1136 P nursing facility assessment; continuation
SB1282 P teledentistry; dental hygienists; dental assistants
SB1302 P vulnerable users of public ways
SB1303 C special education; cost study
SB1431 P abortion; religious employers; contraception; repeal
SB1432 C hotel employees; room access; backgrounds
SCR1010 P Senator Chester Crandell; death resolution
SCR1020 P Mayor John Driggs; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor