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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Robert Meza

Robert Meza

District 14

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 339
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3425
Fax Number: (602) 417-3114


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Final Vote
HB2051 C motorcycle safety fund
HB2086 C insurance; cancer screening examinations
HB2087 C noncertificated school employees; policies
HB2108 C Arizona criminal justice commission; membership
HB2134 P small business; uniform health questionnaire See Vote
HB2149 C ASRS; public service purchase
HB2206 P teacher shortage student loan program
HB2216 C school districts; postemployment benefits
HB2217 C clean elections; daily reporting
HB2218 C income tax credit; home schooling
HB2219 C beer kegs; registration.
HB2220 P procurement code; exemption
HB2221 C appropriation cancer research; matching funds
HB2222 C clean elections; primary spending
HB2223 C clean elections; expenses; qualifying contributions
HB2225 C unattended child in motor vehicle
HB2252 P state plumbing code
HB2269 C CORP; joinders; dispatchers; asset transfer
HB2277 C automatic restoration of civil rights
HB2278 C death penalty; repeal; natural life
HB2280 P homicide interrogations; electronic recording
HB2282 C juveniles; interrogations; electronic recording
HB2283 C attorney fees; zoning challenges
HB2284 C death penalty; juries
HB2285 C Arizona innocence inquiry commission
HB2286 C domestic terrorism
HB2287 P ranked choice voting
HB2288 C retail superstores; economic impact report
HB2334 C air quality; vapor recovery; Tucson
HB2335 C urban revenue sharing increase
HB2344 C juvenile graffiti; monetary assessment See Vote
HB2361 P landlord tenant; forcible detainer actions
HB2371 P AHCCCS; required services; asthma inhalers
HB2488 C drought emergency groundwater transfers
HB2534 C cities; water conservation
HB2535 C land divisions; water requirements
HB2536 C caged egg-laying hens
HB2537 C animal testing; prohibition
HB2538 P sales tax exemption; nonprofit housing
HB2539 C regulations; payday loans
HB2541 C insurance; mental health coverage; parity
HB2578 C health care businesses; consumer information
HB2579 C workers' compensation; benefit amount.
HB2583 C local land subdivisions; size
HB2587 C in-home care providers study committee See Vote
HB2591 C school districts; registered nurses
HB2596 C political campaigns; no call list
HB2606 P state buildings; energy conservation
HB2607 C contracts; construction; architect-engineer; proportional liability
HB2608 P* dental practices; ownership
  (NOW: dentistry; disciplinary action
HB2613 P kindergarten; full-time students
HB2614 P state contracts; performance; disclosure
HB2624 C telecommunications companies; property tax valuation
HB2632 C blood donors; minors
HB2637 P pricing; abnormal market disruptions; emergencies
HB2643 C transactions; deferred presentment; database
HB2644 C lobbyists; gift ban
HB2660 P* liquor; drinking age; definition
HB2666 C PSPRS; benefit increase; disability retiree
HB2667 C appropriation; developmental disabilities
HB2670 C school dropout age; increase
HB2672 C schools; K-3 class size requirements
HB2684 C state employees; living donor leave
HB2685 C rape victims; pregnancy prevention
HB2686 P speed limits; large vehicles
HB2688 C vehicle restraint violations; enforcement
HB2690 C clean elections; amendments See Vote
HB2699 C unauthorized persons; border security
HB2702 C reduced small business property tax
HB2704 C pediatric early childhood literacy
HB2705 C family leave insurance.
HB2709 C solar thermal applications; study committee
HB2710 C home sales; water supply disclosure
HB2711 C hazardous substances; insurance
HB2712 C clean elections; matching funds limit
HB2714 C teacher certification; proficiency exam reciprocity
HB2715 C teachers; certification reciprocity
HB2716 C identity theft; factual innocence
HB2717 C appropriation; training facility; public safety
HB2723 C sex offender monitoring; qualified vendors
HB2724 C income based tuition waiver scholarships
HB2730 P DUI; ignition interlock device
HB2731 P teachers; minimum salary
HB2747 P* unfair claim settlement practices; naturopaths.
HB2760 P* motor vehicle time sales disclosure
HB2761 C driver licenses; physician mandatory reporting
HCM2003 C policy recission; gays in military
HCM2013 P railroad rights-of-way
HCR2010 C legislator term limits; repeal
HCR2011 C civilian patrol groups
HCR2032 P legislative process
HCR2036 P highway user revenue fund uses
HCR2041 C military bases; expressing support See Vote
HCR2044 C health care decisions week
HCR2045 C local mandates; funding
HCR2046 C equal rights amendment; ratification.
HM2001 C employee free choice act
HR2001 C state aviation day.
HR2002 P Virginia Tech; honoring those killed
SB1155 P self-service storage agent license
SB1438 P home loan regulations
SB1439 P mortgages; real property transfers
SB1449 C children's health insurance; co-payments; premiums
SB1451 C interstate agreement; national popular vote.
SB1453 C animal fighting
SB1468 C sentencing; misdemeanors involving hate.
SB1469 C marriage license fees; domestic violence
SB1470 C pharmacists; duty to fill prescriptions
SB1471 C accidents; injured animals; leaving scene
SB1602 C city permits; waste regulation
SB1605 P caregiver services
  (NOW: DPS; injuries; industrial leave
SB1620 P insurance; late claim payments; penalty


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor