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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-second Legislature - First Regular Session
  Charlene R. Fernandez

Charlene R. Fernandez

District 4

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 126
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3098
Fax Number: (602) 417-3281

Personal Information:
Home City: Yuma
Member Since: 2015
Charlene earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University. She worked for Congressman Ed Pastor for twelve years, coordinating constituent services for the western portion of then Congressional District 2. While working for Congressman Pastor, Charlene spearheaded an effort that culminated in bringing a Veteran's Administration clinic to Yuma County for the first time in history; previously the Phoenix Veterans facility was the closest place for them to receive these services. Charlene also helped numerous residents work through the red tape of the Federal Government for services ranging from Social Security to agriculture programs. She also served in a similar capacity for Congressman Raul Grijalva. Her vast experience led her to becoming a consultant for a software company that produced a Constituent Management System for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Charlene later served Governor Janet Napolitano as a liaison for the Arizona Department of Environment Quality in Yuma County. In this capacity she worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as well as its counterpart in the Republic of Mexico, to ensure that the air and water in Southwestern Arizona remained safe while ensuring that businesses faced minimal impact.

As an educator Charlene decided to make an impact outside of the classroom by being elected to Yuma Union High School District Governing Board, serving as president and vice president. On the board, she became an outspoken advocate for students while working with staff to ensure fair conditions — she advocated for the cafeteria workers during a time when their concerns were not being taken under consideration. Charlene worked with budget experts to ensure that physical education teachers and registered nurses continued to provide their services, which were critically needed in their schools.

As a community-minded citizen, Charlene devotes time to local charities serving on boards and lending her experience to their challenges.

Charlene and her husband, Sergio, have three children: Brian, Carlye, and Lisa. She lives with her husband in central Yuma less than two miles from where she was raised.


Committee Assignments
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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2117 P marriage; qualifications
HB2118 P firearm sales; background checks; transfers
HB2119 C provisional ballots; tally; verification
HB2231 C STOs; administrative cost allocation
HB2232 C public school tax credit; increase
HB2233 C STO scholarships; beneficiary recommendations
HB2234 C STO scholarships; student transfers
HB2235 C STO scholarships; means testing
HB2251 C corporate tax credits; annual report
HB2269 C G&F; appointment recommendation board; repeal
HB2356 C corrections department; visitor fee repeal
HB2357 C schools; prohibited courses; repeal
HB2376 C traffic complaint quotas; prohibition
HB2387 C immigration; law enforcement; repeal
HB2388 C DCS employees; covered service
HB2389 C voting rights; restoration; felonies.
HB2457 C appropriation; community information and referral
HB2458 C supplemental appropriation; foster care placement
HB2459 C tax credit; foster parents
HB2460 C child care waiting list; appropriation
HB2464 C synthetic plastic microbead products; prohibition
HB2466 C schools; health information; website posting
HB2467 C limited service pregnancy centers; ultrasounds
HB2468 C corporate tax freeze; educational outcomes
HB2469 C nutrition assistance program; farmers' markets
HB2470 C affordable housing projects; tax assessment
HB2474 C postsecondary institutions; sexual consent policies
HB2475 C sexual orientation change efforts; prohibition
HB2476 C sex education programs; requirements
HB2486 C university admission requirements; foreign language
HB2487 C community colleges; tuition waivers
HB2505 C paid sick and safe time
HB2506 C private prison contractors; public records
HB2507 C private prison study committee
HB2517 C internet crimes against children; fund See Vote
HB2520 C appropriation; grants; reading-intensive programs
HB2533 C campaign finance; public service corporations
HB2534 C ballots; defects; notice; cure
HB2546 C independent expenditures; corporations; funding disclosures.
HB2547 C campaign finance disclosures; corporations; entities.
HB2548 C foreign nonprofit corporations; foreign LLCs.
HB2549 C independent expenditures; corporations; unions; audit.
HB2553 C human trafficking victim; vacating conviction
  (NOW: sex trafficking victim; vacating conviction
See Vote
HB2563 C health facilities; substance abuse recovery
HB2585 C secondary motor vehicle finance transactions
HB2597 C theft; delivered package; mail; classification
HB2598 C adoption; married couple; preference.
HB2600 C public school tax credit reallocation
HB2606 C medical assistance requests; evidence; mitigation
HB2624 C critical health information; emergency responders
HB2632 C dog tethering
  (NOW: unlawful dog tethering
HCM2003 C urging Congress; increase customs personnel
HCR2009 P firearm sales; background checks; transfers
HCR2010 P marriage; qualifications; referral
HCR2025 C schools; English language requirements; repeal
HCR2029 C persons with disabilities; employment; support
HCR2031 C Citizens United decision; repeal
HCR2039 C death resolution; Bill Badger
HM2001 C urging parks board; historic place
HR2005 P death resolution; Officer Tyler Stewart
SB1156 C election and ethics commission; duties
SB1157 C voting rights; restoration; felonies
SB1207 C campaign finance disclosures; corporations; entities
SB1209 C independent expenditures; corporations; unions; audit
SB1227 C driver licenses; legal presence repeal.
SB1229 C immigration; law enforcement; repeal..
SB1231 C state employees; meet and confer
SB1232 C public employees; collective bargaining
SB1234 C noncertificated school employees; due process
SB1235 C labor representative; employee; privilege
SB1358 C early voting locations; extended hours.
SB1364 C provisional ballots; tally; verification.
SB1396 C auditor general; charter schools
SB1397 C pilot; structured English immersion exemption
SB1398 C foster parents; immunizations; licensure
SB1431 C abortion; religious employers; contraception; repeal
SCM1007 C comprehensive immigration reform; urging Congress
SCR1010 C Senator Chester Crandell; death resolution
SCR1020 C Mayor John Driggs; death resolution


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