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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-ninth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Lucy Mason

Lucy Mason

District 1

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 304
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5874
Fax Number: (602) 417-3001


Personal Information:


Representative Lucy Mason’s deep Arizona roots go back four generations in cattle ranching and land management. She is married to Rex, an architect, and together they have four grown children and three grandchildren. Mrs. Mason was educated at Arizona State University, University of Houston, Northern Arizona University, and University of Arizona Masters Watershed Program. In her early career, she was a technical illustrator for the NASA Lunar Landing Missions and for over twenty years she was an architectural illustrator for commercial and institutional projects across the nation. During that time she also owned a small business and is familiar with the challenges facing business owners 

Mrs. Mason is past Chairman of the Gang Prevention Task Force; graduate and past president of Prescott Area Leadership; Children’s Council; Founding member of Youth Count and served on Governor Jane Hull’s Task Force for K-12 Education.
Mrs. Mason began her political career as she served on the Prescott City Council in 1997, as liaison for all water issues from local to state levels; is a Founding member of the Yavapai County Water Advisory Committee, and Board Chairman of the Yavapai Combined Trust for 3000 employees’ health insurance. At the Legislature, Mrs. Mason’s main concerns are water and energy, education, healthcare, and tax and fiscal policy issues and is currently Chairman of the Water and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives.


Committee Assignments
Environment Member Click Here Click Here
Water and Energy Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2069 P school choice scholarships; failing schools
HB2073 C state equalization property tax repeal..
HB2142 P county water authority; Colorado river
HB2155 P* hospital districts; elections
HB2164 P pharmacists; administration of immunizations
  (NOW: administration of immunizations; pharmacists
See Vote
HB2194 C large electronics recycling program
HB2246 C university funding equalization plans
HB2247 P home sales; water supply disclosure
HB2252 P international ports development
  (NOW: international transportation and port infrastructure
HB2253 C publication of notices; websites
  (NOW: public legal notices; committee
HB2254 P state transportation board membership
HB2255 C fertilizer fund; pesticide fund; uses
HB2256 P border regional port authority
HB2283 C certified nursing assistants; pilot program
HB2284 P charter schools; enrollment preference
HB2286 P tax credit; charitable organizations
HB2287 C tax credits; withholding tax reduction See Vote
HB2288 P premium tax credit; STO contribution
HB2293 C teacher loan program; geographic shortages
HB2329 C solar energy; permit fees
HB2330 P biodiesel fuel dispensers; labeling
HB2335 P* improvement districts; renewable energy See Vote
HB2336 P* community facilities districts; renewable energy
  (NOW: county renewable energy incentive districts
HB2337 P* energy standards; buildings; contracting
  (NOW: energy efficient buildings
HB2338 P* energy; fuels; idling
HB2339 P* electric utility renewable energy standards
HB2340 P* consumer reporting agencies; account information
HB2341 P* renewable energy production tax credit See Vote
HB2342 P* photo enforcement; urban speed limits
HB2343 P* traffic enforcement; nearest lighted area
HB2344 P* vulnerable adults; financial exploitation See Vote
HB2345 P* hospice service agencies; screening requirements
HB2346 P* charter schools; leased property See Vote
HB2347 P* incapacitated or vulnerable adults; sentencing
HB2348 P* dangerous crimes against children; sentencing
HB2349 P* agricultural composting definition
HB2350 P* wildfire protection; fuel; private property
HB2351 P* covered loads; commercial vehicles
HB2352 P* aquifer protection permits; natural gas
HB2353 P* cities; water softeners; salts
HB2354 P* sanitary districts; bonds
HB2355 P* income tax subtraction; volunteer service
HB2400 P partial-birth abortions; definition
HB2432 C school board membership; family members
HB2440 P* drought emergency groundwater transfers
HB2452 P* road improvement and maintenance districts
HB2457 C university athletic facilities district
HB2460 P mental health services; court costs
HB2463 P school districts; accounting responsibility; threshold
HB2466 P school districts; maximum tax rate
HB2475 C unlawful employee termination; family responsibilities
HB2479 C bicycles; yield at stop signs
HB2480 C regional transportation authorities; qualifying counties.
HB2481 C joint legislative committee; transportation; Mexico
HB2482 C civil air patrol; federal monies
HB2509 P intergovernmental agreements; separate legal entities
HB2513 P reverse mortgages
HB2522 C foreclosure rescue
HB2529 P energy policy study committee
HB2567 C felony convictions; mandatory fine
HB2569 P smuggling; use of weapon; classification
HB2583 P excess property tax payments; repayment
HB2584 P national park support districts II
HB2616 C living wills; health care directives
  (NOW: health care directives; guardian decision
HB2623 P* legislative authority; renewable energy
HCM2005 P* purple heart; Vietnam veterans
HCM2006 C state land; natural resources
HCM2009 P opposing federal firearms legislation
HCR2006 C legislative districts; single member
HCR2015 P* leased educational property; property tax
HCR2017 P* property tax valuation limits
HCR2022 P school district expenditures; authorization..
HCR2023 P* greenhouse gas emissions
HCR2024 P sovereignty; tenth amendment.
HCR2027 C county expenditure limitation; population estimate
HCR2036 P supporting the citizens of Iran
HR2001 P David Hurt; death resolution
SB1132 P transportation school districts; lapsing.
SB1138 P partial-birth abortions; definition.
SB1191 P implements of husbandry; highway travel
SB1312 C perinatal mood disorder study committee
SB1330 P special health care districts; terms
SB1403 P renewable, high-wage industries incentives
SCM1001 C equine resources; opposing federal legislation
SCR1029 P perinatal mood disorders


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor