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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-first Legislature - Second Regular Session
  Heather Carter

Heather Carter

District 15

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 303
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5503
Fax Number: (602) 417-3107

Personal Information:
Home City: Cave Creek
Occupation: Clinical Associate Professor - Education Leadership
Member Since: 2011
Representative Heather Carter is your state representative from North Phoenix, Cave Creek, and North Scottsdale.

Currently, Representative Carter is the Chairperson of the House Health Committee, and the ranking Republican member of the House Education Committee.

First elected in 2010, she has a track record of sponsoring legislation that solves many of the complex problems facing Arizona, making her one of the most effective legislators at the Capitol. As your state legislator, she has worked to streamline government, improve the economy, encourage job creation, protect the most vulnerable, reform education and healthcare, while maintaining a balanced state budget through responsible spending measures.

For her work at the Capitol, Representative Carter has won a number of prestigious awards from education groups, veteran organizations, healthcare and patient advocacy groups, including many other “Legislator of the Year” honors.

In her professional life, she is a well-respected educational leader in her community, working as a clinical associate professor at Arizona State University, preparing teachers and leaders for Arizona Schools. She also works with local school districts on educational reform issues. She was a 7th grade teacher in the Paradise Valley Unified School District and currently serves as a parent/community representative on many committees for Cave Creek Unified School District and Paradise Valley Community College.

Since moving to Arizona over 25 years ago, she has devoted her professional life to making Arizona a quality place to live, learn, work and prosper. She moved to Arizona from Maryland to attend Arizona State University, where she graduated with a degree in communication. Following graduation, she worked for KOOL-FM, the Phoenix Suns and then pharmaceutical sales. For almost 20 years, Representative Carter has worked in education, and earned a master’s degree in educational technology from ASU and a doctorate in educational leadership from NAU.

Married for 20 years, Representative Carter and her husband reside in Cave Creek with their daughter, who attends public school.


Committee Assignments
Education Member Click Here Click Here
Health Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2077 P* technical correction; home health agencies
HB2078 P* technical correction; public health
  (NOW: cancer treatment medications; cost-sharing
See Vote
HB2079 P* technical correction; family resource directory
HB2080 P* technical correction; midwives
HB2081 P* technical correction; health services; fees
HB2082 P* technical correction; chiropractic
HB2083 P* technical correction; cosmetology schools; contracts
HB2084 P* technical correction; barber licenses; display
HB2085 P* technical correction; malpractice claim review
HB2086 P* technical correction; technical registration board
  (NOW: sale of dextromethorphan; age requirement
See Vote
HB2087 P* health regulatory boards; training requirements
HB2088 P* schools; 200-day calendar; funding
  (NOW: study committee; extended learning opportunities
HB2089 P* physical therapy board; continuation
HB2181 P* real estate advisory board; membership
HB2491 P* newborn screening program See Vote
HB2548 P* auricular acupuncture; post-traumatic stress disorder
HB2549 P* nursing care institutions; therapeutic drugs
HB2550 P* health care providers; civil actions
HB2605 P* teachers; suicide prevention; continuing education See Vote
HB2672 P* tax credit; public school projects
HCR2028 P* national wear red day
HR2008 P* ovarian cancer awareness day
HB2101 P vaccines; study committee.
HB2147 P veterans; hiring; tax credit
HB2148 P municipalities; counties; transfer; right-of-way See Vote
HB2149 P state parks; SLIF fund distribution
HB2515 P unlawful distribution of private images See Vote
HJR2002 P January 8 memorial; support
HB2062 P child protective services; duties
HB2137 P tobacco retailer; location restriction
HB2475 P tax credits; veterans
HB2179 P trampoline courts; safety
  (NOW: trampoline court safety
See Vote
HB2490 P appropriation; mental health first aid
SB1077 P behavioral health professionals; reciprocal licenses
  (NOW: reciprocal licenses; behavioral health professionals
SB1216 P licensure; behavioral health services
SB1247 P cancer treatment medications; equivalent cost-sharing
SB1280 P legislature; adjournment; interim committees
SB1304 P charter schools; state board; continuation.
SB1209 P diabetes; statewide plan development; report
HB2606 C board of adjustment; appeals
HB2521 C school calendar; 200 days; funding
HB2529 C cosmetic laser procedures; supervision; dentists
HCR2034 C legislature; regular session; effective dates
HCR2039 C recognizing Arizona caregivers
SB1343 C dentists; business entities
SB1466 C smart school technology pilot program
HB2667 C persons with disabilities See Vote
HM2002 C burn pits; health risks; veterans
SB1392 C universities; intellectual property.
SB1361 C health insurance; prescriptions; prior authorization
HB2599 C drug treatment alternative; prison; fund
HB2604 C military members; auto title loans
SB1302 C tax credit; food bank organizations
SB1468 C fantasy sports competitions; definition
HB2624 C Yarnell Hill memorial; appropriation See Vote
HCR2038 C Arthur Hubbard, Sr.; death resolution
HCR2040 C Joe Lane; death resolution
HJR2001 C child abuse prevention month


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor